Battle of Jiangqiao on Li Youbin tonight reproduction sword wind (video) doat

"Battle of Jiangqiao" on Li Youbin tonight reproduction "sword" wind Tencent entertainment news by Chen Yiming chief producer, youth director Li Yin, Li Youbin, Shi Jingming, Liu Jinshan, Liu Wei, Mi Xuedong, Zhang Guangbei, Wei Yi old drama of bone co starred in the history of the war drama "battle of Jiangqiao" will be landing in Beijing TV channel tonight, multi set free. The play is not only the gathering of all the old play bone cast, it is in order to witness history basis, into the paradox of humor, character and plot setting, it is rare in recent years the history of the war drama boutique. Tonight "battle of Jiangqiao", the incarnation of Li Youbin Fei Qi General Ma Zhan Shan, Shi Jingming interpretation of burning brain chief Xie Ke, Liu Jinshan turned pro Japanese warlord, Liu Wei interpretation of the legendary spy and round…… In turbulent times, staged scenes of both humorous and wits, agonistic enemy duel. The fourteen year war victory from here on the occasion of the tragic history of mountains and rivers occupied, troubled people miserable, a gang of bandits from the beard, "from positive" outlaws of the marshes stand out, this is by Ma Zhanshan (Li Youbin) led by the northeastern border guards brigade third. Because the beard was born, they dare to defy government orders, the bones with a bloody man; because it is the identity of the soldiers, they understand the necessity of the war of resistance, all the national people as the most important. Even in the face of no reinforcements from both sides, lack of supply than overseas, they still face without fear, for the country, for the people, for the brothers, with the Japanese fight a fight at outrance. Atypical Anti Japanese deflagrated blood bursting point also mentioned the war drama, the audience’s impression, battle the enemy will occupy a lot of space, but in the "battle of Jiangqiao", "war" is only a result, really attracted the audience is before the war, Heilongjiang Province – Shan stepped in as president, sent his wife and children to go to Tianjin, from the bandits seized weapons, fighting, and Japanese spy force in both hard and soft Schweibill money war, many businessmen will a Japanese diplomat…… He knew this time over a president is death to live, still, show that the military defeat of Japanese – Shan et al, but can drag the guards a day a day, can not let an inch to stick to the national land and uprightness, also show a true to life in the face of national interests and the people immersed in love, tangled with the helpless heart. The beginning of drama – Shan determined not to let the son go to war, but he will be hard to the safe drama school in Tianjin. This seemingly not "high encyclopedia ‘story, director Li Yin said:" I think everyone who is not the God of war, the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, as a person without consideration of their. Moreover, in the traditional thinking Chinese in son is a life." This is not deliberate "myth" Anti Japanese hero arrangement, also let the whole drama either set or plot more plump "landing". In addition to not down to earth false story settings, the rhythm is also a degree of relaxation, when the audience look tired, "" "humorous" text "is the best relief. The early black province appoint a chairman Ma Zhan Shan, in the face of Japanese diplomats to good relations, no fear, often a few words they put things on the Northeast相关的主题文章: