Because of the weather of Yancheng crab late price like a roller coaster

Because of the weather of Yancheng crab "late" price as a "roller coaster" Yangzi Evening News Network September 14th news (reporter Fan Mu Xiaozi), "autumn, crab legs itch", the Mid Autumn Festival to eat crab season, but reporters found that this year Yancheng crab is "late", but the head is not price fluctuations, like the roller coaster ". Yancheng City Agriculture Department official said, the real big crab to eat in mid October, during the Mid Autumn Festival, people can taste a fresh. This morning, in Yancheng City People’s Road market, Yangzi Evening News reporter saw many aquatic products wholesalers will be placed in the most conspicuous place crabs, shopkeepers are kept busy. Zhang Ting, who lives in the lake area while selecting crabs, while complaining about the rapid rise in prices. "At the beginning, it was eighty or ninety pounds before, and then the top 32 female crabs have exceeded the 200." "This year the big crab crabs are few, 32 to more than and 200, later reduced to Yibaiwuliu, then rose to Yibaibajiu." Wholesale business Wu boss said, these days, crab prices of ups and downs, "really is a price one day, but the basic is high under the." Why is that this year there will be a small crab prices "situation? President of the Yancheng longitudinal Lake crabs Industry Association Song Changtai told the Yangtze Evening News reporter, since June of this year continued rainy weather, sunshine time, crab shell is late, resulting in crab early slow growth, and then in July and August, continuous high temperature, rainfall, again affected the growth rate of the crab, the crab was smaller than in previous years. "Low output, less supply of listed, the price is naturally high." Song said the president, crab farmers and their income is almost the same as in the past, the network sales share of 20%, only about 10% stores, mainly in the wholesale market." Yancheng City District Agricultural Department of the responsible person, at present, Yancheng crab market "price city" situation, but the price increase during the mid autumn festival. "There is no time to eat crabs, the recent advance of the listing, and there are still half a month to eat crabs, the price is expected to drop by mid October."相关的主题文章: