Beijing intends to protect the elderly in four categories

Beijing city plans for the elderly are divided into four categories to ensure JINGWAH Times News (reporter Wei Zhang Ning) yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, recently, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau issued the "guiding opinions on strengthening the protection of the elderly classification (Draft)", open to the community to solicit opinions. According to the guidance, the old city will be divided into groups, security groups underpinning security dilemma, key security groups and general security groups four, civil affairs departments will take corresponding measures according to the four different categories, and these groups for the production of group files, to achieve "one file" "a file". According to the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of the relevant person in charge of the draft comprehensive consideration of the economic status, physiological and psychological, family structure, social preference, social status and other factors, the degree of difficulty in comprehensive division of government guarantee priority. Asked the district attaches great importance to the elderly security work, to carry out extensive investigation, a comprehensive grasp of the specific data of different factors in elderly people with difficulties, and for different security groups quantity distribution, family status, disability status and service needs, the establishment of security dilemma, underpinning security, three key security group information archives, and strive for "a a person" a file "". The development of the region to classify the elderly security policies to promote the classification of pension management, precision management.相关的主题文章: