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British coach Bruni Xuan Walcott starting in the first half for the underdog super magic world home court odds Rooney career stunning goal from Rooney and Walcott will start against the Tencent in October 8th sports news this Saturday, the England team will be alive preliminaries against Malta in the new home court, before the news conference, Southgate, the three Lions coach Walcott attended the articles agency announced that Rooney and Walcott will start at wembley. Recently Rooney in United’s poor performance, has become the United bench, but temporarily taken over three lions Southgate continued to let Manchester United captain England No. 10, obviously, in the face of Malta the underdog, Rooney is expected to find the goal feeling and confidence. Walcott’s situation is just the opposite of Rooney this season, "Little Tigers" state Dayong, already in 8 games for the Gunners scored 5 goals, although in the past 3 years, Walcott only started for England 3 times, but now Southgate has to believe that he can put the club form into the national team. Wayne (Rooney) will start, but in addition, I can not disclose more information. I know everyone is looking forward to getting to know the starting list, and I know the list will be revealed, but I don’t want to let the opponent know in advance. Rooney has the ability to control the game, he is very experienced in Malta, we have the ball more, I hope we can control the game, we need to show patience, we adhere to the game discipline, I hope we played brave, ready to seize the opportunity." Southgate also did not forget Walcott: I was told that I would like to start with the players to attend the conference, and now Walcott is here, so also leaked a little news. Yes, he will also start, he is great in the club, as a national coach, you are happy to have such a player. Walcott is now mature and confident." Because of injury did not participate in the European Cup France Walcott said: "I hope that their state can continue, I hope the team can get rid of the shadow of defeat in the European Cup, when we can play free play, people can see the future of the three lions. Wembley fans has always been the strong backing of the England team, we want the fans to enjoy football in England again, because the Premier League is the best league in the world. When the fans enjoy it, the team can get extra help and motivation." (Romario)相关的主题文章: