Businessman Joseph Lau said in a statement issued and Lv Lijun break the woman’s net worth more than lata-01

Businessman Joseph Lau said in a statement issued and Lv Lijun break the woman’s net worth more than 2 billion public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Original title: businessman Joseph Lau said in a statement: break up with Lv Lijun through Sina entertainment news according to Hongkong media reported on November 15th, whirling relationship, Lv Lijun and Liu Joseph Lau, has been repeatedly reported to break up, Lv Lijun said through the media, the relationship between the two has not changed, and with the Shanghua said to visit Liu care. But Joseph Lau and Lv Lijun issued a statement soon after, Lv Lijun suddenly disappeared, no longer appear. To the day before the weekly reported Joseph Lau hospital, also known as Lv Lijun and the children have to travel to visit, also known as the Liu Yu Lv Lijun relationship continues unabated. Has not responded to the words and deeds of Lv Lijun Liu, today in many newspapers published a lengthy statement, a formal clarification and Lv Lijun in 2014 broke up. The relationship between the two is now limited to the fact that the two are the parents of the two young children. Statement issued in the name of Joseph Lau, title only statement two words. This paper consists of six parts, including: 1. Two people broke up in 2014; 2. Joseph Lau will continue to be responsible for the expenses of the children born to Lv Lijun and the responsibility of his father; 3. Before the break, Joseph Lau said Lv Lijun has been taking care of daily diet, and there is a lot of cash gifts worth more than $20 billion, is a super rich, no big Liu "any economic support"; 4. Two people have entered into a written agreement last year to agree with each other, and the two sides have pledged that "they will not demand or recover any equity interest from the other side"; 5. Joseph Lau said Lv Lijun still live in their house and even private aircraft with large Liu car, is given to children are still young, but their living expenses are also given to Lv Lijun, everything is "absolutely not on behalf of any care or care for the" Miss Lu; 6. "The arrangement will be changed due to circumstances, and I also reserve the right to make any changes and modifications." The statement reads as follows: the reports about me and miss Lv Lijun in recent months (hereinafter referred to as "Miss Lu") of the relationship, I found that there are a lot of mistakes, now this statement to the public field. 1. I and Miss Lu in 2014 officially broke up, no relationship with each other. Since the break up, I have any contact with Miss Lu, only because she is my mother of two young children, nothing more, nothing else. 2. For me with a pair of children Miss Lu, I have been in charge of their life, education and other expenses, even if the relationship with Miss Lu has been broken, will continue to fulfill the responsibility of a father. 3. Before breaking up, I have been taking care of Miss Lu’s daily diet, and gave her a large amount of cash, jewelry and other gifts, the total value of more than HK $$20. She is now super rich, I need not any economic support, also can live a rich life. 4. I have entered into a written agreement with Miss Lu in 2015 to agree that they are not related to each other, do not default, live their lives, and never harass each other and their family and friends相关的主题文章: