Buy a hundred years of Polygonum multiflorum in Yanyuan aptana studio

Buy a hundred years Deng Chenglu bought the "hundred years of Polygonum multiflorum Polygonum two broke the 100 years in Yanyuan in yanyuan". The morning of October 22nd, a reporter from Xichang public Deng Lin broke the news, Deng Lin’s words conceal his surprise, "my father two days ago from Yanyuan home brought me a weighing 10 pounds one hundred years of energy-saving, and only spent 3000 yuan, but I always feel not wild." In order to give Deng Lin the answer, the reporter then found Chinese Li Zhicheng came to Deng Lin’s home, the reporter saw the whole Polygonum unlike natural grown man, suspected grows from the vessel. Weighing about: eight half kilogram, ninety cm long. After Deng Lin agreed to one family, Li Zhicheng with a knife under the bottom of a small piece of Shouwu, smell the smell, taste after said: "is to import a foot Shao, yam, Liangshan many places have race, selling one or two yuan a catty." Deng Lin one family after listening to a little unconvinced: "this is my dad on the site when friends dig the road with a digging machine to dig, that is a right, one was dug rotten." Li Zhicheng then explained: "you can see that the tubers are very smooth, a little fibrous and bumps are not obvious after transplanting seedling is to mould the humanoid, and grew up in the mud and re buried a few days can." Although the Chinese certification, but Deng Lin still believe that father bought is a natural wild energy-saving. Li Shaofu bought the "hundred years of Polygonum with Deng Chenglu bought like twins. In October 24th, the reporter again received Yanyuan sea villager Li Shaofu broke the news, said he used 1000 yuan to buy a piece of energy-saving. Reporters rushed to the source, see Li Shaofu’s energy-saving is bigger than Deng Lin home, for ten pounds. Asked how, said Li Shaofu is a friend of excavator to dig roads in the mountains, the plot was with Deng Lin father described it. Then the reporter contacted Deng Lin’s father Deng Chenglu (a pseudonym), two people are said to be a middle-aged man claiming to be from Yunnan Ninglang to sell them, the middle-aged person in Yanyuan Road, with colleagues in the mountains with excavator dug polygonum.相关的主题文章: