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By the treatment of "Internet addiction" boy: he does not eat tofu cabbage shock the original title: the treatment of "Internet addiction" boy: with every meal is not to eat tofu cabbage was sent to shock when asked about aggressive children how to psychological treatment, a staff member said: "there is a time tested model, give everyone to find the most suitable way to help them become the" complete person "." To be considered to have "the years of serious Internet addiction", Wei Zihan felt himself always inexplicably angry, have dizzy spells, in the cafe for a week. But he says he’s never been controlled by online games. In fact, want to organize a team to play the game, we make money together." Wei Zihan compared himself to a business. With the network in 2008, the school publicity column posted on the "Internet addiction", let the genius become Warcraft online games, "electronic heroin" poster. Wei Zi Han walking a glimpse, walk away in disgust. After dropping out of school for more than a year, Wei Zihan was sent to an addiction treatment center. Until today, he still felt that "addiction is more like an unwarranted charges". The public discussion of addiction but hitherto unknown high enthusiasm. "Opium" "if we do not pay attention to Internet addiction will" die without descendants "do not allow hundreds of millions of young people to become network slave" sound can be heard without end. Internet addiction had become the controversial label in China on the internet. In fact, the flames of war "had filled the air, the earliest is the parents launched a war of self-defence, followed by doctors, teachers and government workers engaged in war." Documentary literature "magic" battle so described in those days. Whether Internet addiction belongs to mental illness, is a controversial topic "addiction is a disease, is completely groundless statement." From addiction treatment agencies out of sixth years, Wei Zihan still does not admit that he is ill. In 1995, American psychiatrist Ivan · Goldenberg in a forum on the proposed psychology the term "Internet addiction", and developed a "finger will consciously or unconsciously make the keyboard action" 7 diagnostic criteria. Since then, the Internet addiction is a disease the controversy began. Not long after, Goldenberg declared that he just wanted to open a joke, but the definition of pathological gambling, made up the diagnostic criteria. If you expand the concept of addiction to everyone’s behavior, you will find that people will be addicted to reading, running addiction, people will be addicted to contact." In 1997, he said to "New York guest". Until now, whether Internet addiction belongs to mental illness, is a controversial topic. In 2001, the Chinese Psychiatric Association released the Chinese classification and diagnostic criteria of mental disorders (Third Edition), there is no relevant discussion of Internet addiction. Since then, the standard has not been updated. Over the past more than and 10 years, PLA General Hospital, director of the center for addiction treatment Tao has always insisted on "Internet addiction is a mental illness" point of view. He published more than and 70 papers on the subject. His 9 criteria for the development of online game addiction are included in the American Psychiatric Association, the 20 Yan相关的主题文章: