Canon 5D markiv officially unveiled in September 8 starting price as long as 26599- Sohu

Canon 5D MarkIV officially unveiled in September 8 start! As long as the price of 26599- science and technology science and technology Sohu Sohu king Xue Ying in August 25, 2016, Canon (China) held a press conference in Beijing, announced the official release of full frame digital SLR camera EOS new 5D Mark IV. As Canon’s first to support the full pixel dual core RAW EOS models, EOS 5D Mark IV in all aspects of a comprehensive upgrade. First, high resolution and high sensitivity to ensure that the 5D Mark IV in the coexistence of the highest quality promotion. Equipped with a 30 million 400 thousand pixel full frame CMOS image sensor +DIGIC 6+ image processor, 5D Mark IV not only in terms of the standard sensitivity achieved ISO 32000 maximum, while making the machine digital camera real-time optimization of JPEG image becomes possible. In addition to shooting performance can achieve 7 seconds, 61 point high density reticular array EOS 5D Mark AF II IV also realized the focusing accuracy and coverage, full pixel dual core CMOS AF technology with touch LCD shutter is up to 150 thousand times, the user can easily switch, choose the point when in use. It is worth mentioning that this 5D Mark IV also adds a full pixel dual core RAW image to further enhance the image of the fine, and this feature is also the first time in the EOS digital SLR camera applications. It is understood that the full pixel dual core RAW is a kind of special RAW image data, it uses sensor structure full pixel dual core CMOS, obtaining two pixel information, fine adjustment and image quality by using Digital Photo Professional software, it includes the sense of resolution compensation, virtual displacement and the prospect of three kinds of operation regulation restrain ghosts. Secondly, the new 5D Mark DCI 4K video (4096× 2160) 30P short film features, and for the first time introduced the Wi-Fi NFC function, and support Canon image upload to achieve image cloud storage. Of course, Yan control do not have to worry about, the 5D Mark IV fuselage made of magnesium alloy material, high strength, light weight, compared with the 5D Mark III period lost nearly 60 grams of body, while increasing the water droplets and dust treatment, meet the needs of users in different special shooting environments. It is reported that, 5D Mark IV will be synchronized in the world in September 8th, the first domestic Tmall flagship store, the price of 26599 yuan (North America $3500 Hongkong $25480). In addition, the Canon also released a new L EF EF 24-105mm f 4L standard zoom lens IS II USM and EOS ERC-E5 camera fangyuzhao.相关的主题文章: