Chen came back for $1 billion to carry out the exploration of brain science 9c8947

Chen Tianqiao came back for $1 billion to carry out the exploration of brain science at the end of 2013 will be the main assets of big game and the grand literature after the sale of Chinese Internet earliest influential man Chen Tianqiao will fade out of the public eye. Until the beginning of this year, a "no sense of presence in the NPC and CPPCC" news, let him abruptly was removed from the "sense of existence". "If the game industry has been subverted by me again, or some of the most difficult problems are resolved because of my participation, it will bring me happiness. Besides, I don’t care what others think." In an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters, Chen said quietly to. This is the typical Chen Tianqiao style. Chinese in 2004 to become the youngest richest man in 2009, led the grand game listed on NASDAQ and refresh the IPO financing record Chinese companies in the United States in 2015, because investors who boarded the "golden master list". For Chen Tianqiao, the only constant is change. Chen Tianqiao called this mountain climbing, "constantly back to the origin, from the ground began to climb mountains, enjoy, like." And he wants to climb the next peak, is one of the largest areas of human brain science. 1 billion dollars of "willful" climbing Chen Tianqiao and Shanda why invest in brain science? This is far more than a story of the transformation and upgrading of Internet companies. When the first operation of online games, Chen Tianqiao is pondering a question: why a virtual world composed of 0 and 1, so many young people so love and even indulge? "The big game at the peak of tens of millions of users online, is no exaggeration to say that I am their God — to modify several parameters there must be some complaints, and then modify several parameters estimation of a lot of people came to the grand petition." Chen Tianqiao said. Why do virtual things have real impact? How does the human brain receive and process these external signals? All of these questions belong to the category of brain science. Have to admit, in science and technology so advanced today, the brain is still human cognitive "black hole"". Brain science and the universe, are considered to be the largest of the two unknown areas. The Rockets will go to Silicon Valley by space travel, Chen chose to explore the universe of the human brain. Firm Chen Tianqiao this choice, as well as in 2009 to leave his job two serious illness. One of them is panic disorder, including not being able to fly. "Because the plane will be scared, I only take a plane once a year, a few months to finish all the things." Since the grand transformation of the global investment holding group in 2014, to explore the brain to occupy the time of the Chen 60-70%. In this "stealth" period, he read a lot English version of brain science works, see the field of many top scholars and doctors, more in-depth feel weak brain science research. Now, Chen Tianqiao thinks it’s time to act. First, because of the maturity of computer technology, there are about 80 billion neurons in the human brain. Two is the development of imaging technology, is currently trying to move toward the molecular level. Future.相关的主题文章: