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China – ASEAN drama week ended the drama to promote the prosperity and development of communication – the unique characteristics of the Vietnamese water puppet show. Lin Jieqi, new Nanning, September, 23 (by Lin Jieqi), the traditional dance of the ASEAN countries is very unique, elegant dance and gorgeous costumes are the enjoyment of the United states." Nanning citizens Wei Zhi praise, to play at home in front of the ASEAN Dance he said, water puppet Kampuchea, Vietnam, Thailand, the royal ballet drama Burma folk dance and other traditional folk dance performances, colorful, both God shaped, giving the audience a great art shock. 2016 China ASEAN (Nanning) drama Week Festival held in Nanning on the evening of 22, Chinese and ASEAN countries artists with music, dance and drama and other art forms, staged a "magnificent" Jin Zhuang dance, classical dance drama "cluster", ASEAN style show thrive "romantic style night" program for Chinese, ASEAN (Nanning) at the end of the period drama week painting. It is understood that the festival activities to meet once every thousand years of friendship, "as the theme," Cultural Festival, revisit the sea silk road of friendship for positioning, Vietnam, Thailand, Kampuchea, from Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Philippines and other 7 countries in ASEAN and domestic top drama group on the display, the world intangible cultural heritage, the essence of drama, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region China style and classical style, style, songs contest and other ASEAN asean. This year’s world class Guangxi World Heritage intangible cultural heritage project — the creation of the left river rock "Huashan Zhuang dance" as a tribute to the show, smart beautiful dance, show Zhuang ancient customs. The classic opera "small river", "Yue Lin" fell out of the sky, the opera "Ying Luo biography" and "Huarong" Jinju opera essence, to the interpretation of showing a freely flowing style of writing, wonderful opera feast. 2016 China ASEAN (Nanning) Zhou Yi in the drama culture and art in China ASEAN context, color ties and cultural exchanges to build out, sing ReadDo play brilliant stage, to create public opinion, has a long history of exchanges and fusion of interoperability friendly culture. The establishment of "China drama week seminar drama – ASEAN cooperation and exchange mechanism", also published the "Southeast Asia" is the Chinese theatre in general, is a breakthrough in the history of the study of drama in Southeast Asia, Chinese in Southeast Asian drama research fill the blank. As one of the 2016 China ASEAN Cultural Forum and the Nanning International Folk Song Festival series of activities, the China ASEAN (Nanning) multi staged drama drama week gluttonous feast, the 7 ASEAN countries and the domestic first-class well-known art troupes came on the stage of world intangible cultural heritage, traditional opera, folk rhyme…… Chinese culture and ASEAN art pavilions, fusion of interoperability, and draw up the Chinese ASEAN cultural and artistic beauty. (end)相关的主题文章: