Companies out of 12 thousand monthly paid Code Division specializes in explicit pictures (video)

Companies out of 12 thousand monthly paid Code Division specializes in explicit pictures a monthly salary of 12 thousand, a Xiamen enterprises out of such high salaries to recruit code division. Do you move? It is necessary to have such a high salary. Loading… But, what is the profession? Xiao Bian said face Meng force, out of curiosity, the morning news reporter went to inquire about the next, let us work together to uncover the mystery of code division. Question: what do the code division do? Code division usually work will do what? According to the company of Xiamen, said a senior code division, not only to the picture code, but also to some text changes. Question: why do you want to play the code? To explain this problem, but also from the Xiamen enterprises. This enterprise is just listed in the three new board of fun electricity supplier companies. From the data, the company specializes in Adult supplies, sexual health products, adult sex supplies, supplies, the App application is designed for users to recommend sex toys, and the highest price, users can also share the experience of community. Because the community will have some not fit to be seen the photos and text, so I need a code division for processing, only a good deal before publication. Not fit to be seen the photos and text?! That is we often say, exposed photos, and explicit text. Question: why do we want to recruit a high salary? Responsible for the recruitment of HR told reporters, although the code division is not high, but it is related to the development of the company’s life and death: a lot of posts within the community if you do not regulate, had been sealed." Question: what qualities do you need? Senior code division believes that "to loneliness code division, all day in the picture, is very boring, but also requires us to send photos of many users are strict in demands, only slight exposure, but we have to get rid of." Senior code division said they usually use music, walk to relieve pressure, "a long time to see this picture, have been accustomed to, no feeling." Question: the division of the candidates, there are girls do? According to reports, after the recruitment of the news release, just a few days there are more than 2 thousand people from all over the country voted resume, so popular before we did not expect." Responsible for the recruitment of HR told reporters that the company wants to recruit 2-3 people, the first round of the selection of 10 people to participate in the written interview, of which the 3 is a girl. Question: whether it is a high salary strokes code division hype? In fact, the company had previously entered universities offer 200 thousand annual salary to recruit "erotic experience division", is considered to be speculation and give up. So, the monthly salary of 12 thousand yuan to recruit a code division is also a hype? Responsible for the recruitment of HR said that the recruitment of high salary is the need for the development of the company, not hype. To so many doubts, I believe you on code division has a deep understanding. However, there is also a small series of confusion, the Chinese people are more subtle nature, the code division of this profession. Need to touch the exposed pictures and text every day, really so popular? The candidates on code division how to see this occupation? The reporter interviewed 2 candidates will not be embarrassed, will get used to the applicant on code division how to see this occupation? Yesterday, to apply for the school;相关的主题文章: