Correct posture along the subway how to buy real buyers make you dream as soon as possible demonophobia

Correct posture along the subway how to buy real buyers make you an early dream [Abstract] it is expected that in 2020, the people of Beijing in the center of the city average 700 meters to 1000 meters, and can run into a subway station. What kind of house is a real subway? What needs to pay attention to the MTR? What kind of house is a real subway? Walk from the view of time, 5 minutes walk from the subway station within the house, known as the "positive subway room; 10 minutes called" quasi subway room "; 15 minutes called" near subway room". Many developers directly calculate the distance between the project and the subway line, until the house was found to buy, from the cell door to the subway station to half an hour. The distance from the point of view, the community and subway station distance at least to keep 200 meters, between the station and the community a large flow of people should be around 300 meters distance is too close to the subway station, 1 subway noise in the subway built in 2 now many tens of meters underground, but the radiation to the ground light earthquake are still 3 we can often see the vents in the subway station, when people walk can feel hot blow out. The fresh air vents will on the ground to the underground station, the station will be in the dirty air to ground, air circulation. The subway vents and emergency exit from residential buildings too close, bring adverse effects to the residents is permanent, such as ventilation and cooling tower operation caused by vibration, noise pollution, electromagnetic radiation pollution, waste gas, waste water pollution; bring light appendages and glass curtain wall reflection light pollution; a variety of security risks of subway operation bring, especially fire safety will directly affect people’s life and property safety. According to reports, this year, Beijing subway under construction up to 15, what are the subway lines? (1) No. 3 line, West Line No. 2 Dongsishitiao, No. 17 way line Workers Stadium station, line 10 Tuanjiehu station, line 14, Chaoyang Park Station, east to Gao Xin Zhuang station. The new dam near the project: Rival Washington (real estate information), Li Jin Fu (real estate information); (2) line 16 (Xiyuan, north to the Bei’an River) will be opened by the end of 2016, north of the Bei’an River, South Wanping City, Route 4 line Xiyuan station, line 10 Suzhou Street station. Line 4 line 9 line 1 National Library Station, Muxidi station, line No. 14 high camp station, line 10 Fengtai Railway Station, line 9 Fengtai road station. Near Yongfeng new project: Ken chase (real estate information), Piovan Fu Hui (banyan tree’s first owner occupied housing, the first day of Xishan (read) is expected in the second half of the market); (3) No. 17, "L" shape of the No. 17 subway line north and south through the center of the city, a series of four administrative Tongzhou District, Dongcheng, Chaoyang, Changping. The Metro Line 5 and the west side of the North South parallel, can take away the eastern Tiantongyuan large passenger flow. North of future science and Technology Park North Station, South Ciqu station. Route line No. 15 Wangjing west station, line 10, line 6, Sun Palace Station, east of DaQiao Railway Station, line 1 Yongan station, line No. 1 guangqumenwai station, line 14, line 10, Shili River station, Yizhuang line Ciqu station. The future of science and Technology City in the sale of the project are: Changping Green Central Plaza two; (4) new airport line, new.相关的主题文章: