Domestic Volkswagen car arrives! Volkswagen New suv- car Sohu experience

Domestic Volkswagen car arrives! Volkswagen New SUV- experience Sohu automobile Sohu [auto car] Volkswagen began to use the independent research and development to expand new SUV models, so we went straight to the theme. This SUV even more than in the sale of imported Volkswagen Touareg will integrate the robust design of the essence of mass CrossBlue concept car, exceeding 5 metres in length, with 2.0T and 2.5T V6 engine, the main push 7 models. The above information is enough to attract us to attract every SUV in the field of the development of Chinese crazy car consumer groups. In recent years, the domestic SUV market sales increased rapidly. At present, the domestic SUV market, mainly based on five models, and the relatively small size of the seven markets. With the upgrading of consumption, the growing demand for the purchase, the consumer’s attention to seven large SUV growing. Compared to the increasingly strong demand for cars, the domestic market for the selection of seven large SUV relatively scarce. Not to mention the large SUV market, we can think of home SUV to the number of TOYOTA Camry haranda for medium SUV benchmark, it designs with decent enough space and power, 2.0T occupied most of the market at this level; for the mass of the whole brand SUV said, in addition to compact models Volkswagen. Outside view, it seems that only imported Volkswagen Touareg. The price of millions of dollars to let a lot of people flinch. Time and again come out, Volkswagen has finally released the first large-scale SUV official figure, today we are lucky enough to come to Anting to experience the test of this large SUV driving and riding experience. However, the manufacturers declined our request for the shooting, so the following pictures are official pictures. The media and consumer expectations of the new SUV finally unveiled the mystery. With the popularity of PHIDEON Hui ang listed, this large SUV also marks SAIC Volkswagen is gradually entering the high-end luxury car market. As the Volkswagen in the high-end car front and Yili, many highlights of this large SUV, is full of surprise. In body size, the new Volkswagen SUV large even beyond the cash of imported Volkswagen Touareg models, and compared with the old club Audi new generation Q7 a little small; if you compare a more intuitive rival Ford explorer and other models, body length and wheelbase has certain advantages. But in my experience today, I can really feel the internal space superiority Volkswagen New large SUV; in the second row seats can move under the condition of the driver’s seat, the driver position after second rows and third rows of the driver position can accommodate 3 taller than 180cm passengers and ensure every passenger the leg with a fist above the head space, has more than two punches for space, the ride comfort in the car has an absolute improvement. At the same time, SAIC Volkswagen New large trunk volume SUV in the third row seat recline cases still can not exceed 400L, the storage space is remarkable. Brief introduction of power system and the driving experience in power systems, the Volkswagen)相关的主题文章: