Dream to enjoy the cool driving season third Beijing Railway Station hot start-cosmax

For the third season dream enjoy cool driving Beijing Railway Station hot start in order to allow more owners to understand Volkswagen brand, master a variety of road driving skills, encourage low carbon lifestyle and caring for the club, a Volkswagen. Volkswagen Automobile Club dream enjoy cool rides third season officially started in mid October, will be traveling all over the country. Bring a new driving experience. Dynamic driving control best CP- Passat 1.4TSI & Tiguan 4 Motion October 29th -10 30, "dreamate cool driving line Beijing Railway Station started in Beijing Chaoyang Sports Center drive field cool. "Dream to enjoy cool driving for the third quarter experience rich, respectively, to start from the different driving angle, including dynamic test, fixed equipment, simulation of pavement and the fuel economy of four big projects experience, so that the owner of the Passat 1.4TSI and Tiguan 4 Motion full range of experience and understanding. 1.4TSI said: infinite energy, small displacement, high power three dynamic test project – "accelerating", "lifting climbing" and "track comprehensive" in the drive field hot, through a variety of real simulation driving on the way, the owners to fully appreciate the excellent control over Sutter Palmer models, comprehensive display the small displacement of large power 1.4TSI engine has three major projects; not only the interpretation of the 1.4TSI engine control performance, also show the Front Assistant brake auxiliary driving system and torque characteristics; field stimulation of linear acceleration, S bending, bending, U type continuous curves, dodge ball links not only allow owners to enjoy the driving fun. Can effectively improve driving skills!     integrated circuit test instrumentation two lifting slope test project – "speed pioneer" and "cool energy" by HP machine and torque testing machine, showing the vehicle torque and power, the maximum speed of data through computer calculation and analysis are quantitative data, close to the actual use, presenting the Passat superior performance, let the owner can be more intuitive to see the change in the process of driving data! The maximum speed of teacher training for the owners of horsepower machine test paper test drive 4 horsepower four-wheel drive, four Motion 4 Motion a trend which cannot be halted pavement driving simulation project, by professional coaching, car owners driving vehicles through simulation and field desert potholes, snow and ice road and four-wheel drive experience climbing and climbing project, feel all the dynamic intelligent 4WD with distribution. Even if the three slip, the other wheel can easily pass! Shell hole road driving driving slip road Shadilu interview interview interview driving four-wheel drive climbing brilliant guest interaction, the event will not only allow guests to experience the advantages of the comprehensive performance of the Tiguan, Passat, but also enjoy the beautiful landscape. From the Beijing Chaoyang Sports Center to Gubei town and the Great Wall are beautiful scenery everywhere Simatai. To appreciate the beauty of the scenery and driving the process into a saving contest, quiz and other interactive sessions highlights. People from the wonderful interactive intuitive driving process of oil consumption standard data as the game with intuitive data tell you – the Tiguan, Passat low.相关的主题文章: