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Alternative Choosing a drug rehabilitation center is an important decision. Not all drug rehab centers are the same and each center has its own approach. Its important to ask questions about the level of treatment, program options, and the effectiveness of the drug rehab programs each facility offers. In regard to the type of drug rehab center, there are generally residential, inpatient, day treatment, outpatient, and short-stay options. The primary difference between a residential drug rehab center and an inpatient facility is that services from the latter are provided by a licensed hospital. Day treatment, outpatient, and short-stay drug rehab centers have less time and contact with the patient than residential and inpatient programs. When selecting a drug rehab center, its important to remember that having on-site medical care is a real advantage. Having full-time doctors and nurses on staff who specialize in drug addiction and drug rehab can more ably oversee the treatment process. Its also important to inquire whether the drug rehab center you choose is state licensed and meets national standards for care. Addiction affects more than just the user. Oftentimes, the users family is impacted greatly by the drug addiction. Therefore, its important to ask if the drug rehab center you choose has individual and family counseling. Having family members involved in the treatment process can be very beneficial and an important aspect of recovery. Some drug rehab centers offer lectures that family members are wel.e to attend; other rehab centers offer a .plete family therapy program. Be sure to ask the intake counselor at each drug rehab center you consider about group therapy options. Its also critical to inquire about continuing care options when looking for the right drug rehab center. Once treatment is .plete, any recovering addict will need help dealing with the issues of everyday life. By choosing a drug rehab center with continuing care options, the recovery process will be much easier and successful. Lastly, the biggest issue that affects the selection of a drug rehab center for many people is the cost. However, its important to remember that skimping on treatment can sometimes .promise long-term recovery. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: