Eggs are not easy to eat Eat these 5 eggs into poison seconds!

Eggs are not easy to eat? Eat these 5 eggs into poison seconds! Eggs and eggs is one of the most common ingredients we eat, egg soft, very high nutritional value, has been the darling of the table. But not all eggs can eat, boiled eggs, if the encounter these eggs, do not hesitate to throw away! 1, stillbirth eggs egg in the hatch, by reason of bacteria, parasite pollution, environmental discomfort as a result of hatching eggs to stop the egg nutrition, has undergone a qualitative change, if the death of the embryo is too long, the protein can be decomposed into a variety of toxins, and bacterial infections, is absolutely can not eat. 2, some people are very smelly eggs, in the face of a bit rotten rotten eggs, is absolutely reluctant to lose. However, the rotten egg contains a large number of bacteria to multiply, the egg white in the fungicide gradually disappear, the egg slowly lost its own nutrition, food easily lead to bacterial food poisoning. 3, scattered yellow eggs egg shell intact, but have been bad, we will occasionally encounter "scattered yellow eggs", indicating that the egg storage time is too long, the protein structure has been destroyed. If the egg turbidity, smell, eating can cause vomiting, stomach discomfort, it is best not to eat. 4, the most common egg egg is cracked in the transport process of the crack, the fly does not bite the seamless egg, crack the eggs can easily be biological bacteria, with unknown bacteria. If the egg cracks for a long time, it is best not to eat so as not to cause diarrhea, bacterial infection. 5, take the eggs open the egg, egg yolk paste if encountered in the eggshell, eggshell and presents the interior color spots, no egg aroma, this egg is a shell eggs, the eggs to eat will not overreact, best not to eat, especially children and the elderly can not eat. The nutritional value of eggs is really very good, but encountered these eggs, we are still heavy body, in case of illness to eat it, this medicine is enough to buy a number of eggs? Especially the elderly and children, the resistance is not so good adults! Must be careful.相关的主题文章: