Eleven golden week or the ticket refund fraud peak change foldercure

Eleven golden week or the ticket refund fraud change peak with frequent exposure to many fraud cases, telecommunications network fraud has become the topic of universal concern of network security. The day before, Research Report ticket fraud special hunting net platform release "(hereinafter referred to as the report) shows that, near the eleven golden week, a lot of people to travel, especially all kinds of ticket fraud fraud or change the ticket back to peak. At the same time, the report also revealed a common way of ticket fraud and fraud routines. Recently, the network has received a report of Ms. Zeng said, in June 1st of this year, the phone received two days before the purchase of flights from Guiyang to cancel sms. The content of the message is not only with its name, and the flight information is accurate, it is thought that the airline sent SMS, then call the phone message of change. After the guidance of customer service, Ms. Zeng was cheated on the ATM teller machine 29500 yuan. A network platform of anti fraud expert Liu Yang, ticket refund fraud change is prevailing in recent years, the higher success rate of fraud deception, especially during the holidays, it is high time such fraud. Liu Yang told reporters, fraudsters back change fraud, will generally be divided into several steps, the layers of induction. First of all, a liar a large number of users to obtain flight information through illegal channels, including the names of passengers, flight and landing time and location, using SMS or call to inform passengers of flight abnormal, need to change back. In order to enhance the fidelity of the crooks usually disguised as a ticket back to change the customer service phone with a 400 call, at the same time will inform the passengers can get 100 yuan aviation subsidies, laying the groundwork for the next step to defraud the bank account number, password or direct transfer. To make a step by step into fraud fraud, fraudsters will use "ATM machine" and "bank card activation" and "English interface", "two-way transfer certification" and a series of scams and terminology, defrauding victims trust. Once the victim believe the so-called customer service by phone from the liar change guidance, use various means to cheat money, but also taking the victim on the phone bank card and account balance information, all the money by fraud. Therefore, the anti fraud expert Liu Yang hunting net platform to users weapon, effectively prevent ticket fraud: first, do not believe any unknown source or origin information and telephone, similar to flight cancellations, flight changes, ticket refund check change "content such as telephone or text messages received, should be through other airlines official customer service phone, airport customer service telephone – channel verification; second," go to the ATM machine operation "and" bank card activation "and" English interface "," two-way transfer authentication "are the means of fraud and terminology, these are all scams; third, booking online or telephone booking for airline official website, fourth, through regular customer service; third party mobile phone application platform to download, do not scan two-dimensional code, click on the unknown source or origin strange link to download the application; finally, received a strange number of electricity Words and SMS, you can log on the hunting platform in the hunt net tracking a key query to identify whether the phone fraud.相关的主题文章: