Elimination Of Animal Pests-tonya mitchell

Landscaping-Gardening Rodents like rats, squirrels and their ilk forms the largest group of animal pests. Birds like parrots and pigeons can also be.e serious pests if allowed to grow into greater strengths. Rats are the biggest enemies to the farmer. History is strewn with the skeletons of many a state which failed to control rat populations. Even now, in many countries, more than half of the annual produce of grains goes down the gullets of their unwanted rat guests, resulting in shortage of food. Similarly, rabbits, squirrels, pigeons and parrots play their role in causing huge losses to the farmer and thereby hampering overall growth. Not only food crops, but even cash crops like coffee and cardamom are not let alone by these thieves. Old fashioned extermination methods like snap traps, box traps and poisoning are employed even these days with great success. However, the habit of poisoning is seeing a downward trend due to the reason that farm animals and pets can take the poison and die. Moreover, the body of a poisoned rat may rot in some inaccessible holes in or around your house resulting in spreading of other types of parasites and fleas. However, in areas infested seriously by these obnoxious creatures, a professional approach needs to be taken. Cutting down their living environs like filling up of cavities or holes in or around a farm can lessen breeding opportunities. Removing all weeds and keeping the surroundings clean and free of rubbish can lessen food supply for them. Sealing entry points of a house or boundary wall can prevent these rodents from entering. The same tactics can be used for mice, squirrels and rabbits also. The greatest enemy of a fruit orchard owner is parrots. However, air guns are efficient deterrents to these festering birds. Pigeons, which exact their due from grain stores and fields, can also be kept away by scaring them. Introducing natural enemies have also proved successful against animal pests. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: