Ethical Investment And Ethical Fashion-jiqingwuyuetian

Business Ethical Fashion: If you thought ethical fashion referred to not-so-stylish fabrics and old-fashioned designs then think again. Thanks to the rise in globalizations and awareness, serious issues like environmental damage and exploitation of workers in sweatshops across the world have .e to the attention of consumers. Environmentalists as well as human rights activists are also urging people to take notice of how major fashion brands are working and whether or not any harm is being caused to the environment and workers due to their functioning. Due to the rise in awareness among consumers, .panies are finding it difficult to run their business in an unethical manner. With the advancement in technology it has be.e easy to spread the word to boycott products of unethical organizations. This is one of the main reasons why several fashion .panies have started taking environmental concerns as well as working condition of their labors into serious consideration. The present need for consumers is to choose .panies that are producing clothes and accessories without causing minimal or no damage to the environment. Ethical Investment: In today’s .petitive world, if investors think only about profitable stocks and returns on their investment, there are chances they will not get better returns. According to finance experts, investors need to think beyond reaping profits and try to avoid stocks of .panies that are causing damage to the environment. Even if such .panies promise good returns, investors should avoid investing on the basis of ethics. For instance, religion is one factor on the basis of which many people avoid investing money into .panies that produce substances such as drugs, alcohol or tobacco. By choosing green .panies for ethical investment, investors can send a clear note to such .panies that they don’t want to encourage their products. Investment behavior like this has not only been considered a wel.e sign for the stock market but it also a great way of promoting long term environmental and social well being along with ethical consumption . The present need for finance .panies and investors is to select .panies that are making significant contributions and making a positive difference to the environment and .munities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: