Exclusive comments a joint CBA clearance but not the first pass NBA-w-inds.

Exclusive review: Las CBA clearance has been unable to NBA first pass Phoenix sports commentator: Zheng Xiaoyu news background: the afternoon of October 24th Beijing time, according to the U.S. "ESPN" famous journalist Mark Stein broke the news, Las in the local time on Sunday and the Lakers talks, the demand to be cut, the next few hours left the lakers. I’m not surprised that Yi Jianlian has fired the boss. Preseason sporadic playing time to show its position in the eyes of coach Walton, the title of the party made the so-called "the first cast of the Lakers career, Walton, and so on is this moment" is actually an illusion of the. Yi Jianlian drifting abroad often move the turmoil of war, each coach will seem to his position to "mixed lunch". Yi Jianlian has not been able to enjoy the "opportunity" the color of life, so it has been in the employment and re employment, and returned abroad career bumpy period. From 2007 to get involved in NBA, Yi Jianlian ten years changed five jobs, halfway back home twice. In a world of ice and snow in Milwaukee, my first NBA workplace rookie Yi Jianlian feel shiver. The 2008 transfer from the nets, damn cold street moved to the urban fringe, Yi Jianlian is still single points race, every three days to play two dates. Later, Yi Jianlian moved to Washington, DC, the Chinese media have learned to dig the highlights from the Wizards game. For example, a reporter wrote: Yi Jianlian picked up a rebound to ensure victory, to win back the trust of the coach. And when going to Dallas, the Arab League and even on the field of the game, no chance to pick up the wallet. For a while, Chinese fans thought that Yi Jianlian was missing, the Mavericks in the arena full column brush missing. Later, Yi Jianlian personally appeared to clarify. Five sets of CCTV also were frozen in Las stadium designed a full set of opportunities to advertise in every match he would sit back the locker room without bath the first time to bring the wheels of words generally boring game reviews, to prove himself or a member of the mavericks. Some people will ask Yi Jianlian why not. How to put it? In fact, he is not like the two, it is not, it is not. Some people say that his biggest problem is no characteristics. How to put it? He is the biggest characteristic of a little far away from the basket. A 2 meter big man, the old threw himself out of the market, this is not very reliable in the. Therefore, Chinese media said coach Walton boast that Yi Jianlian is the best shot in the team, the big man – how to listen to how ironic. And the more important question is that his shots are not reliable – often a kick on the ground. China media praise Yi Jianlian is in fact very risky: Paul allowed today poured out flattering, would have received back tomorrow. I found a title that was "Yi Jianlian’s performance in the conquest of the Lakers," and I think it’s a shame that the only thing that can do now is CBA. I have always felt that the Chinese media will be Yi Jianlian Olympic Games and CBA’s ruling performance into the entrance into the NBA bonus is very irresponsible. I never thought that Yi Jianlian had a magic gene mutation after the olympics. I watched the performance China Rio team, CIC Yi Jianlian vacancy is still not working when the spirit, with pauses only team)相关的主题文章: