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Feng Xiaogang publicly denied that "Pan Jinlian" has not been the "ice morning" and fit Feng Xiaogang Xian 1905 movie Mobao Food Network on September 28th, just at the San Sebastian International Film Festival won two awards of the "I am not Pan Jinlian" held in Beijing at the conference, directed by Feng Xiaogang and starring Fan Bingbing, Guo Tao, Yu Hewei, Zhao Lixin, Li Chen, Peng appearance the famous director Jia Zhangke also came to help out. The same day, Feng Xiaogang for the first time publicly clarified the film changed files are not because of the previous rumors of "trial is not over," he also thanked the film Bureau on-site support, and said to Ang Lee and to use films to "burn in November". Again won the international best actress Fan Bingbing was questioned when acting again that he "spit gold, now also is only a vase, took the vase winner". It is reported that the movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" will be released in mainland in November 18th.   Feng Xiaogang for the first time publicly denied "the trial is not over confident release rumors upset Feng Xiaogang’s schedule spell" I am not Pan Jinlian "since the beginning of the shooting attracted wide attention, and was scheduled to meet with the National Archives of the mainland audience of the film, has suddenly announced the file extension to November, fans exploded, all kinds of rumors also come in a throng more news, said the film is forced to change the file, because of the sensitive subject matter does not have a trial. According to the rumors, Feng Xiaogang has responded in the circle of friends, "which we will go to the schedule which cooling schedule." But in today’s "I am not Pan Jinlian" at the ceremony, Feng Xiaogang for the first time publicly denied the trial is not over ". At the same time, Feng also said, "thank you very much for the film Bureau, has been very supportive of the film from the project, help us to grasp the sense of propriety." For the media asked changed files reason, Feng Xiaogang said, is not like the National Archives film is too simple, so "I am not Pan Jinlian" before deciding to change. Feng Xiaogang also said that he heard that Ang Lee’s new film ("Billy · Lynn’s midfield war") will also be released in the mainland in November, he hopes to join Ang Lee "burns in November". This is the two box office appeal strength director blessing, it seems this November lifting recognized unpopular schedule spell point the day and await for it. "I am not Pan Jinlian," the heat does not have to question, not only the fans are looking forward to, the film has also been well received by domestic and foreign experts. Following at the Toronto International Film Festival won the International Film Critics Association Award for best film (FIPRESCI Award), "I am not Pan Jinlian" 24 days in the San Sebastian International Film Festival won two important awards rare film festival – best film "golden shell Award", Fan Bingbing won the best actress award "silver shell". Served as the San Sebastian International Film Festival jury Jia Zhangke think, "I am not Pan Jinlian" for the international community to sit up and take notice of China film. "Ice morning assembly debut and dog food Fan Bingbing: I am now with actress and won the silver prize in the vase shells of the San Sebastian International Film Festival, Fan Bingbing is following the 2010 Tokyo International Film Festival, won the second class a international film festival. When it comes to winning the mood, Fan Bingbing modestly said, did not give the director disgrace, and she did not forget to thank the actors in the film, they each have a fine"相关的主题文章: