Film industry promotion act by prohibiting the manufacture of false box office deception to mislead visualboyadvance

Film industry promotion act by prohibiting the manufacture of false box office deception to mislead the audience – in November 7th, the twelfth session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress adopted the film industry promotion act of the twenty-fourth meeting. The law clearly stipulates the proportion of domestic cinema film; of actor and director of film practitioners directly proposed initiative requirements, set up the legal and moral bottom line; and banned the film distribution companies, such as the main cinema by making false trading, falsely reported sales revenue and other improper means to deceive, mislead the audience. It China film industry for a time when the golden period of development, "the film industry promotion law" through can be said to provide a legal basis and a strong guarantee for the orderly development, attracted widespread attention outside the industry. It is understood that the "film industry promotion law" will be implemented in March 1st next year, at the same time, the implementation of the film management regulations will be based on the film industry promotion act to further revise and improve. What is the difference between the film industry promotion act and the regulations on the administration of movies? What are the new rules for the development of the film industry? Reporters interviewed the State Administration of radio, film and television policy and Legislative Affairs Bureau responsible person. Reporter: what is the legislative necessity of the film industry promotion law and the general idea of the legislation? The State Press and Publication Administration of Legal Policy Division responsible person: since 2002, the film industry reform, China has become the world’s big movie, but in the process of moving from a major movie film powerful, facing some problems to be solved, such as: the movie market needs to further stimulate the vitality, but also to further standardize the market order of the film. The level of development of the film industry needs to be improved. "Making the film industry promotion law" is to solve these problems, promote the development of the film industry, through legislation is the transformation of government management mode, adhere to the discharge pipe simultaneously, the release of the release, take control of the tube, integrating services with management, for the social forces activities provide convenience in the movie; two is to give full play to the government the guidance, incentives, increase support for the film industry; fiscal and taxation, finance, land, personnel and other support measures to promote the film industry overall development; three is to promote the development of industry, but also inherit and carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture. Reporter: "film industry promotion law" in the prosperity of literary and artistic creation, to promote the innovation of literature and art made what? State Press and Publication Administration of Radio Film Bureau official: first, clear the guiding ideology and principles of film activities. The film industry promotion law, engaged in movie activities, should insist on serving the people and socialism, insist on giving priority to social benefits, social benefits and economic benefits of the unity; to adhere to the people-centered creative oriented, adhere to the principle of respect, All flowers bloom together. contention of a hundred schools of thought and guarantee free film creation, advocating the film making close to reality, close to life, close to the masses. Two is the movie itself, the film industry promotion law explicitly encourage creative thinking and artistic appreciation, the unity of excellent films, support the dissemination of China’s outstanding culture, promote the socialist core value of the major.相关的主题文章: