Fire risk Toshiba recalls laptop battery mide-031

Save fire risk: Toshiba recalls laptop battery today, Toshiba’s official website issued a notice, since November 10th, Toshiba expanded its previously voluntarily recalled Panasonic battery range in January 2016. The expanded recall affects the battery finger: the Panasonic battery is assembled using a specific Toshiba notebook on the sales date from July 2013 to November 2016. It is understood that the battery within the scope of the recall of overheating risks may cause combustion or fire risk. For the scope of the recall battery, Toshiba will be free to replace the more secure battery. The number of cells, the recall China affected areas for 5244 blocks, including Satellite notebook battery model involving C40-A, Satellite Pro C40-A, Satellite C840, Satellite C50-A, Satellite C50D-A, and in the process of maintenance replacement to users of the battery (type No. G71C000FS110 and G71C000D7110). Users can visit the official website to see whether the use of the battery is affected by the product, you can also call the Toshiba computer hotline 400-820-2048 to get help.相关的主题文章: