From the examination there are over two months family vacation rental postgraduate closed –

From the examination there are over two months   family vacation rental postgraduate "closed" – Jiangxi Channel – national holiday is a good opportunity to travel many students to relax, but for those senior graduate workers, to prepare for the review is almost the only choice. Because the initial distance more than two months, in order to prepare for the exam, many people choose to grind the National Day holiday in questionnaires.then, in order to obtain a quiet environment for review. The first day of the holiday, the reporter familiar with Beijing Normal University senior student Kobayashi sent a text message, said he would "open ahead of graduation season, because want to rent." Kobayashi is a "hardcore grind race", for more than a year ahead of others began to prepare this year at the end of the first section. The reporter asked why so early to rent, he replied to a review of quiet space, "dormitory two people are going abroad, a person intends to work directly, learning atmosphere is not good, I still ‘retreat’." In an interview with reporters found that such as Kobayashi family recently came out to find a lot of real estate. Capital Normal University square yesterday has given the house down, the monthly rent of 2000 yuan, in Weigongcun nearby, "there are a lot of university around here, and the National Library, eating, reading, buying materials are very convenient." Fang said, he was renting and another outside the Department of friends, "is the" merger of similar items’, I have arranged the exam, smoking prohibition, urge each other to pro forma, after you get drunk." Why choose to rent during the national day, Lin Fang said, they consulted the intermediary and the elder sister, this time everyone is busy traveling to relax, housing transaction volume will decline, whether it is with the intermediary clerk or help bargain, will be more hard. NPC Simon, Beijing Normal University East Gate and Xueyuan Road area many real estate intermediary told reporters, in July this year is college students renting peak after August and September will come down quickly, but during the National Day this year there have been a small increase, with a look at the amount of close to August, the actual turnover also many, is mainly college students. One family rented a house and is hoping to "retreat breakthrough" or with like-minded people together to sprint. This choice can really achieve expectations? A lot of college graduate admissions, postgraduate counseling experts said not. Experts pointed out that in questionnaires.then, indeed objectively formed a relatively specific section of space, but also out of the campus atmosphere, the overall learning atmosphere is declining, also rented out also need to face the neighborhood and other social reality factors, far more complicated than the school dormitory, a little more unexpected easy to disperse your energy. (reporter Zhang Hang) (Jun Qiu Ye, commissioning editor: handsome)相关的主题文章: