Fuzhou, a real estate in the construction of 20 meters down the crane driver jumped out of the car (-misao

Fuzhou a real estate construction crane 20 meters down the driver jumped out of the car to escape (Figure) crane fell on the site, yet up Strait news network September 19th (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Xu Fengwen Mao Zhaoqing) yesterday morning 11 am, Fuzhou, Jinan District, Lianjiang Road, a real estate construction, a fixed tower crane transporting large crane accident dumped more than 20 meters high tower crane foundation pit smashing into the site, loud sound, but fortunately no casualties. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in the middle of this site in Lianjiang Road, saw the white tower crane dumping. At this time the body has been completely in a foundation pit side edges of the four wheels in the air, the windows are all broken, deformed front. The roof has a more than 20 meters long boom, smashed in the pit next to the pit, completely distorted. "There was an explosion, scary." Witness Lee said, she heard the sound of 11:40 yesterday, found that the crane has collapsed, then the driver from the car out of the escape, she was shocked, do not know whether there is such a long boom hit workers. Scene of a responsible person in charge of the investigation, the accident caused no casualties. As for why the crane will suddenly collapse, the responsible person said that the crane itself should initially have quality problems, in the fixed tower crane, fixed bracket bending, lead to rollover, now the car has been basically scrapped, to batch dismembered towed.相关的主题文章: