Gold Cup World Amateur Open finals 14, Xiamen started-jiuyaogan

The Gold Cup World Amateur Open finals 14, Xiamen started when the Mid Autumn Festival, the 2016 "golden cup" world amateur chess tournament in September 14th will be opened in Xiamen Wuyuan River Hotel, Beijing Weiqi Foundation Chairman Hua Yigang, vice chairman, China chess chess association of St. Nie Weiping, the world champion Zhou Junxun, beauty Jiajia black players seven other guests and the top 32 finals player Qi Juyi hall, Gongxiangshengju, sharing the festival. With the rapid development of China’s economy, it is necessary to carry forward the fine traditional culture of china. China has become the world’s main activity center. This year China as the rotating presidency of the international go Federation, CITIC Group Chairman Chang Zhenming served as president of the international chess League, China weiqi association to popularize go for oneself, become absolute main push go culture spread around the world, organized a number of world influence, reputation in Western events. At the beginning of Google AlphaGo go to set off a new wave of development momentum, the domestic amateur chess, chess is increasing year by year, bonuses have been improved, but there is no global amateur chess tournament. 2016 "gold cup" World Amateur Go tournament came into being, becoming the only one to have the World Amateur Open Championship, universal participation, but also to promote the popularity of go. This event is sponsored by the Chinese Weiqi Association; Chinese Chess Association, Taipei dot Culture Communication Co., Fujian Province, Xiamen City chess chess association association; Xiamen Lane Culture Communication Co.; Chinese intelligence network, Yi City chess network for the network media support support units, including: CCTV5, chess, Chinese sina sports, Xiamen TV, Xiamen TV network, Xiamen branch of Xinhua news agency, Chinese sports newspaper, Sports Weekly, Tianyuan Weiqi channel etc.. The total prize money 460 thousand, the championship bonus of up to $200 thousand, the network and the combination of the next game, is the world’s first Amateur Open tournament. In July at the gold cup world amateur chess open press conference, go international union secretary general, chess State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center Party Secretary Yang Junan pointed out that the Chinese occupation player so far only more than and 600 people, and our hobbies are according to incomplete statistics, there are nearly twenty million people. Whether or Chinese go international union Chess Association, future planning to go more in the face of the chess enthusiast, focus on the promotion of chess and chess culture, the promotion of chess, chess enthusiasts to service as the center. The birth of the Gold Cup World Amateur Open will serve as a platform for the exchange of play, play a good role in the beginning. The game will be held in Xiamen, Xiamen and Fujian will have a great influence on the atmosphere of the game, but also to strengthen the relationship between the two sides of the Strait, is a very good thing. The Gold Cup World Amateur Open is divided into two stages: Online preselection and finals. The low threshold of the network pre selection, and the final treatment of high standards, accommodation and transportation are arranged by the organizers. After the previous global network audition, the line to participate in the finals of the 32 strong team subsequently announced, which are the world champion, European amateur kings, strong, can master clouds. Out.相关的主题文章: