Golden Horse July Feng Xiaogang won the Wei Fan emperor double win running man20130526

July double after Wei Fan emperor horse Feng Xiaogang won the Sina entertainment news the evening of November 26th, the fifty-third annual Golden Horse Awards in the curtain falls. The Golden Horse gave birth to eggs! Dongyu Zhou [micro-blog], Ma Sichun [micro-blog] with "July and still" Deng actress throne; Wei Fan [micro-blog] with "no problem" won the Golden Horse winner; Feng Xiaogang [micro-blog] to "I am not Pan Jinlian" won the best director, the success of "service to business"; the best film upset, won by mainland director Zhang Dalei Virgo "August". In addition, Jin Yanling won the best actress, Taiwan heartthrob Lin Bohong upset win best actor with. The ceremony site is also a lot of aspect: Stefanie Sun [micro-blog] because of the cold spot out of tune, I don’t respond to the request of micro-blog powder; Hongkong comedy mogul Michael Hui [micro-blog] "blame" wait for thirty-eight years to get the nomination; Jin Yanling nominated six times after the second qinxia horse, drop the table with tears is a very important opportunity; Eric Tsang micro-blog, Bowie Tseng, Derek Tsang [micro-blog] a three embodiment of the "three have seafood", laughing on the Taiwan could not take a prize; Peter Chan, Sandra Ng [micro-blog] couple awards, advertising, tore the envelope, play very not happy; the most heavy it is the Momoco Tao that [micro-blog] the sentence "broke": "thanks to Hsu Chi [micro-blog] today can come here to award, was wearing high heels!" With the action, Hsu Chi may have a small baby. Egg yolk! Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun and Wei Fan won the Golden Horse winner actress, this year the competition is very fierce. Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun, Shu Zhengyan, with "in July and she", Rick Fan Bingbing, [micro-blog] Wu Kexi, Tiffany Hsu, won the best actress award. Two people came to power in love, very cute. Dongyu Zhou ridicule awards hall air conditioning, was shaking, feeling, "we do not have a special feeling to do the film, glorify and illuminate the ancestors". Ma Sichun said, this is the best ending to the movie, because in July and she was supposed to be a person, and thanks to Dongyu Zhou, "without you, I will not stand in the" not forget to laugh at Dongyu Zhou’s side, "without me, you will not stand here." The man, Wei Fan Ke Zhendong, Rick Michael Hui deliver the goods, [micro-blog], Tony Leung, Jacky Cheung, with "no problem" with the winner. He said, there are many subtle things in the movie, thank the judges can appreciate the beauty, gave them great encouragement. Actor Feng Xiaogang won Best Director for "August" won the best picture Feng Xiaogang upset with "I am not Pan Jinlian", Zhong Menghong, Johnny To, Derek Tsang, beat Zhao Deyin four strong opponents, won the fifty-third annual Golden Horse Award for best director. Last year, Feng Xiaogang with "old gun" won best actor, best director this year is Feng Xiaogang "back to the service industry". Best film, directed by Zhang Dalei’s "August" summit won best film. "August" is black and white, the texture, the previous blockbuster First in Xining Film Festival, the film’s popular "I am not Pan Jinlian", "goodbye", "I wish you a happy voyage. wa city", "the fall".相关的主题文章: