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UnCategorized France, the size of Texas, is the largest country in Western Europe. Its geographical and cultural diversity is a tourism magnet that calls to be explored time and time again. The Loire Valley offers such a variety of exceptional sites where reputed golf courses are set alongside some 40 surreal historical chateaux and historical sites. This valley of the Kings route has been plied for centuries along the longest river in France, the Loire River which remains the last of the wild rivers in Europe. The French Kings literally chateau hopped from one royal chateau to another along the banks of the Loire River. The capetians established their dynasty here over 400 years ago before choosing Paris as their capital. Blois in La Beuce country, was once the favourite residence of French Kings. The city of Tours in the middle of Touraine Region is known to be where French is best spoken and has cuisine of the highest reputation. Here history .bined with spiritual and cultural ways of life have mingled to produce the great Loire Royal Valley. The Loire is a superb region for a quality golfing holiday – just 3 hours drive from Calais and other northern ports. Famous the world over, the Loire Valley with its magnificent royal chateaux is the third most visited region in France, just after Paris and the Cote d’Azur. Tours is now only one hour from Paris by high-speed TGV. Regal chateaux spot the hillsides. Vineyards roll through copses of trees. French gastronomy is a veritable Paradise. One which you should try at least once in your lifetime. Amongst wine cellars, food specialities, son et lumiere (laser fireworks shows) are a selection of reputed golf courses: "Les Bordes" "Chateau Sept Tours" "Ardree" & "Touraine" "Cheverny" "Orleans Donnery" "Les Aisses" "Sully-sur-Loire" "Limere" "Ganay". The Les Bordes Resort not far from Chateau Chambord is undoubtedly the most impressive of all the resorts in terms of exclusivity and quality challenging golf – designed by Robert Von Hagge see Seignosse. Les Bordes is consistently ranked amongst the top 100 courses in Europe and one of France’s top 5. Water features on 12 of the 18 holes on this course and it really is a challenge even for low handicappers. Expect to enjoy this stunning course, but scoring well prove to be more difficult. The peacefulness and scenery here in the Loire Valley make a golfing holiday a truly relaxing experience. You can add to the delight of your holiday exploring the legendary Loire Valley by staying at one or more of the romantic Chateaux available. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: