Grab the incredible cold knowledge! How many do you know – Sohu car-pork face

Grab the incredible cold knowledge! How many do you know? The Sohu under the car looks unbelievable but completely correct knowledge do you know how many come to the brain charge? Human DNA and banana 50% is a coincidence I somewhat understand the origin of small yellow people Hippo milk is pink excuse me, is strawberry? Saturn and Jupiter is the diamond rain build up the family fortunes depends on it! Let me go to Jupiter! China "peas" in Holland is called "China bean" China, Holland? Which country are you from? Peanuts are beans and nuts are so many years I was wrong! Every dolphin has its own name, so clever dolphins want to raise a! Is it incredible that cognition has been refreshed? There’s a lot more knowledge! Down down down car 100 km combined fuel consumption can be as low as 6.1L do not believe? This is not impossible! Dongfeng Peugeot 301 is equipped with the perfect combination of the third generation 6 speed manual gearbox and 1.6L CVVT engine will 100 kilometers fuel consumption fell to 6.1L allows you to shift more smoothly, more fuel-efficient driving! ? "brother next door with your travel, fuel-efficient environmental protection more worry! Today’s topic: do you know what the popular knowledge? Said the branch (xuà n) Pu (yà o) about it ~ (part of the picture from the network)相关的主题文章: