Guangxi stipulates that nine years of compulsory education schools can not organize students to part

Guangxi: nine years of compulsory education schools can not organize students to participate in business

Nanning evening news (reporter Zhao Jinling) have such children, their world no sound, no image, or can not stand, walk, or can not speak, think…… If these children are the angel wings, so the special education teachers for their wings people. How to strengthen the standardized management of special education schools? In January 17th, the reporter learned that the Autonomous Region Department of Education issued the "the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region special education school routine management regulations" notice (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations"). It is reported that this is the first national autonomous region (province) Department of Education issued in the name of management regulations.

nine years compulsory education

can extend pre-school and high school education

in accordance with the provisions of the special education schools generally implement the nine year old system to compulsory education, schools with conditions can be extended to pre-school education, high school education.

so, what kind of students can special education schools recruit? The provisions of the school to recruit suitable for school learning in the compulsory education stage school-age children with disabilities, children enrolled. To understand and evaluate the necessary response to the school entrance for disabled children and juvenile disability categories, causes, and the degree of physical and mental development, according to the principle of psychological education is conducive to teaching and students determine the health classes. School of academic ability advanced to a higher grade students can advance to the corresponding quasi grade learning or early learning courses about the corresponding grade.

it is worth mentioning that schools are generally not expelled from the compulsory education stage school-age students. School students should be commended on excellent in character and learning, for the students’ mistakes should be given help or criticism and education, for a handful of serious mistakes of students, can be given a warning, serious warning and demerit.

curriculum local conditions

labor practice strict control time intensity

in the curriculum, "Regulations" requirements, the school set the experimental plan issued by the state school for the blind, deaf and mentally retarded school compulsory teaching syllabus and curriculum, open courses, open enough hours. The school should promote the use of National Putonghua and standard words and the national implementation of Braille and sign language.

At the same time,

can be combined with regional characteristics, cultural traditions, physical and mental development of students with disabilities, the rational development and utilization of various internal and external curriculum resources, the development of school-based curriculum. Pay attention to compensation education, rehabilitation education and life education, the rule of law education, mental health education and safety education into the curriculum, improve the disabled students’ self-care, communication, labor and employment ability.

in addition, the students in the school for teaching activities in time, shall not exceed the time required by the curriculum plan, accept labor skills