Guangxi this year, easy to relocate 480 thousand people to help poor people to get rich

Guangxi this year to resettle more than 480 thousand people let people get rich mode of information: the National Poverty Alleviation Office Party Secretary, director Liu Yongfu to the villagers home – Shanglin resettlement area poverty alleviation project research. In November 2016 to start the construction of the Longzhou Guangxi County, Chongzuo city water town 1000 households relocation project, planned for completion in December 2017. Covers an area of 523 acres, invested 1 billion 200 million yuan in Guangxi Jiangzhou District of Chongzuo City 3000 households relocation project completed in December 2017.

, Nanning, January 16 (reporter Yang Zhixiong) – Guangxi precision force attack out of poverty, in 412 steadily in 2016 to help the relocation of poverty alleviation projects, the relocation of 122 thousand people admitted to the ." The chairman of the government of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Chen Wu day in Guangxi before the twelve session of the National People’s Congress on the six session of introduction, the government work report this year, Guangxi will implement the 484 thousand participatory poverty population to resettle.

"12th Five-Year" period, Guangxi poverty alleviation and development achieved the results of. According to statistics, the region’s poverty alleviation population from 10 million 120 thousand in 2010 to the end of 2015 by the Guangxi, the poverty rate dropped from 23.9% to 10% in.

at present, Guangxi poverty population is mainly distributed in the minority areas, border areas, old revolutionary base areas, mountainous area, rocky desertification area, reservoir resettlement area, living conditions of these areas, the ecological environment is fragile, traffic inconvenience, serious geological disasters, economic and social development is relatively backward. It is a realistic choice to help them get rid of poverty by means of relocation.

Guangxi official said, in the "13th Five-Year" period, Guangxi will focus on resettlement, scattered resettlement by relying on the county, key towns, industrial parks, rural tourism area, the center of the village and the arrangement of resettlement resettlement, resettlement of 1 million 100 thousand people. The participatory poverty population of 1 million people, 100 thousand people of other farmers synchronous relocation.

to promote poverty alleviation relocation, Guangxi has formulated the "poverty relocation plan", "plan", "raising funds used to resettle some questions (one or two)" policies and measures to support enterprises to participate in the implementation to be relocated.

Guangxi Yi Jiahe Investment Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in international investment, cooperation and development projects, such as large-scale comprehensive investment enterprises. Actively participate in Guangxi’s poverty alleviation work of the enterprise, the initiative to undertake the Shanglin, Mashan, Zijin Mountain, Longzhou, city, county and state poverty relocation and industrial development projects, plans a total investment of 5 billion yuan, the construction of 15 thousand housing units, the relocation of the poor masses of more than 6 people.

home in Chongzuo Jiangzhou District Xinghe investment by Guangxi Yi Jiahe Investment Limited resettlement of complex projects, in accordance with the "industrial park to resettle + + employment" mode, combined with the construction of comprehensive renovation planning and layout of industrial development and shantytowns, small open design, in order to concentrate.