H& m third quarter sales of $5 billion 770 million compared to the same period rose by 6% e2140

H& M for the third quarter sales of $5 billion 770 million rose 6% Swedish fast fashion giant H& M released third quarter earnings, according to earnings data, even if the hot weather of August prompted the group major retail market sales growth is slowing down, the group quarter sales rose 6%, compared with the second quarter improved. For the first three months of August 31st, the group’s value-added tax after sales rose by about 6% to SEK 48 billion 980 million, or about $5 billion 770 million, compared to SEK 46 billion 20 million. Including value-added tax, the third quarter of the group converted to SEK sales rose to SEK 56 billion 800 million from the same period last year rose to SEK 53 billion 420 million, an increase of 6%. In local currency terms, sales, including VAT, rose 8%. H& M August sales rose 7% over the same period last year, compared with the strong growth in July, a slight slowdown in sales growth in August, the report shows that the slowdown is due to the negative impact of high temperatures. Group responsible person said that sales at the beginning of August is very good, but the second half outside of the hot weather affected most of the group’s sales market. It is reported that as of the end of August, H& M stores from the same date last year increased by 3675 to 4135. H& M third quarter earnings data will be released in September 30th.相关的主题文章: