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Half – France 0-0 Sweden, bogeba made threats – Beijing sports Sohu lattice 03:452018 on November 12th Russia world cup qualifiers A team ushered in the first name of a dispute, the French home court against sweden. The game in the first half, both sides attack you come to me, the transition is fast, but the two sides failed to rewrite the score. Half of Harding Park, both sides no contribution. Replay for eleventh minutes, the Swedish team corner in front of the French caused confusion, but varane will timely rescue the ball. Fifteenth minutes, paillet back the ball, Pogba homeopathic tuishe slightly higher than the beam. Nineteenth minutes, Sissoko ball by the defender with a long-range, the ball high over the bar. Twenty-second minutes, Lori timely attack will be a beautiful Swedish straight ball confiscated. The French First: Lori Sidibe, Valane, Koscielny; Evra; Mattu Edie; Moussa bogeba, Sissoko Griezmann, Paye Giroux; subs: Mandanda, Kirsti, Kerr Kia, Gameiro, Lai, raamiah, fylkir, Rabbi Kanter, Austria, D -, Romina, suffers from Sweden first: Olsen; Cleves, Lindelf. Granqvist, Augustin pine; Dole Yilmaz, Ekdahl, Johannsen, Berri Fuchs; Toivonen, Guyana Guidetti subs: Nord Filter, Carlgren, Larsson, Wolfgang kvist, Rawdon, tring, Jansson, Xiyemake, Wendt, claeson, Niemann相关的主题文章: