Hankou, a bath center boss volume lost contact with millions of dollars in arrears of wages happynewyear

Hankou bath center boss escaped lost millions of dollars of wage arrears of staff report from our correspondent (reporter Liu Haifeng) Hankou a bath center boss Juankuan suddenly lost contact, dozens of employees keep more than 1 months didn’t see the boss figure, a total of 1 million 240 thousand yuan of wage arrears. This bath center is located in Hankou, four road, Gutian. Master Zhang is a chef, the bath center, he said, the end of July this year, the boss escaped lost contact, immediately closed here, prior employees did not receive any notice, the wage is not settled. More than and 70 people were owed wages for three or four months." It is understood that the store also owed a lot of works. To be indebted to the carpentry master week in March last year to bath center work, was opened in August, the other has owed him 180 thousand yuan wages, he can not get through the phone, his son before the finance director in this, also can not contact, his family also can not contact." District Labor Department, said the center has initially identified the owner of the bath in order to escape, escape refused to pay labor remuneration, currently involving 68 employees were owed wages of $1 million 240 thousand. Qiaokou District Human Resources Bureau of Labor Security Supervision Brigade responsible person, if the other party refused to come to cooperate with the investigation, the rectification of the order book, the boss suspected escape will be transferred to public security organs.相关的主题文章: