Harbin Sophia church and other 98 projects selected Chinese architectural heritage webquest

Harbin Sophia church and other 98 items in the original title: Harbin architectural heritage China Sophia church and other 98 projects selected by the China Chinese Architectural Heritage Heritage Society, the Architectural Society of Chinese joint selection of the "first China twentieth Century architectural heritage in September 29th, announced in Beijing, Harbin, St. Sophia church and the great Hall of the people, the international hotel, Shanghai Wuhan Yangtze River bridge, a total of 98 projects selected. It is reported that the first list is Sophia church, by China Heritage Society twentieth Century Architectural Heritage Committee recommended, strict authority, under the supervision of the notary office, after the initial evaluation and final evaluation process selection out tight. Experts said that the first batch of architectural heritage included in the list, is a vivid testimony of the history of China in twentieth Century, a high degree of expression of the Chinese society, the history of the development of Chinese architecture. St. Sophia church is a famous landmark in Harbin City, was founded in 1907, 53.35 meters high, covering an area of 721 square meters, is a Byzantine style building, is a typical representative of the Harbin modern European architecture, historical research value, artistic value and scientific value of the building has a very high. In 1986, the church was listed as the Harbin city building protection class; in 1996, was listed as a national key cultural relics protection units; in 1997, the Harbin municipal government to protect the repair and comprehensive renovation of Sophia church building and the surrounding environment, to reproduce the old style. (Li Jinglin) source: Heilongjiang daily相关的主题文章: