Hawick Lau Wang Ou went to the room exposed two people with 4 hours of live bloxorz

Hawick Lau Wang Ou went to the room exposed two people with coexistence 4 hours stills in November 9th, "All Star" in micro-blog broke the news, Hawick Lau suspected derailed Wang Ou. In the birthday in Xinjiang filming Hawick Lau, without the company of Yang Mi, but also Wang Ou’s care, the "weekend couples" shoot during the day when they close, the night in solitude is to let people fall into a reverie. It is reported that Hawick Lau and Wang Ou was in Xinjiang filming the drama, the birthday of Hawick Lau Wang Ou when the crew together play room, the crew also specially prepared for the Hawick Lau birthday cake, beside Wang Ou is caring for Hawick Lau wearing a birthday hat. The next day, at 8:30 on the evening of October 15th, back to the hotel Hawick Lau, not long before he went straight to the Wang Ou room, until 12:30 before going out to return to the room, two people alone at night. 16 early in the morning, Wang Ou will go out to go to the crew after makeup, then, Hawick Lau also out of the car from the hotel. Subsequently, Hawick Lau media contact, the other replied: "because the script every day may change, the cast often temporary adjustment of the script meeting, two people are in the play, the crew are aware of the normal work." Wang Oufang said: "how possible!" It is reported that Hawick Lau and Wang Ou have been two consecutive cooperation drama, tacit understanding. Earlier in an interview, even the host could not help but laugh Hawick Lau this year and Wang Oudai together longer than with Yang Mi and small glutinous rice, Hawick Lau smiled and said he has been very grateful to many colleagues every play, "the movie is very hard. Thanks for meeting with good colleagues." The period also coincides with the current Yang Mi shooting "real man" program, after the news leaked, causing public hot. Previously, Hawick Lau and Yang Mi divorce rumors have been repeatedly, even the Mid Autumn Festival, Hawick Lau had to work outside, one family reunion day no way. Hawick Lau and Yang Mi in early 2015, there is a micro-blog large "star Skinner" on the Internet said: "what, 12 years 14 years of marriage to the public affair, in fact, now two people have already broken up, only revealed both the news blocked, the parties now just waiting for the time that. PS: the portal is already following them." Netizens speculated that the two Yang Mi and Hawick Lau husband and wife. Although the divorce rumors was when the thing person denied, said the two sides in good condition now. Then, in the face of divorce rumors emerge in an endless stream of film and television companies, Jiaxing has also published a statement on micro-blog, known for its artist Hawick Lau Yang Mi and his wife divorce rumors, they have sent a letter to the acting legal liability, the court has accepted the case, the relevant procedures conducted in accordance with the law. The statement said that in April the company filed a lawsuit against the people’s Court on the 12 day, requiring the defendant to stop infringement of the plaintiff’s rights and interests, and bear legal responsibility. Statement Phoenix Entertainment will continue to focus on the matter, further verification of the authenticity of the news broke. With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章: