He was an alcoholic and drug tattoo when his son was 3 months premature……-freyja

He was an alcoholic and drug tattoo when his son was 3 months premature…… Mike said today a story of a fire all over the world, the story of a father. His name is Mike, a love of alcohol after a bad boy, and then infected with the drug. Because of perennial alcoholism, his body is very fat and unhealthy, after the drug is even worse. In 2009, when he became a father, I do not know whether it is because of drug abuse, or the previous retribution, the child was born prematurely 3 months. Birth of a child, only 1.4 pounds, and may face brain and muscle hypoplasia, at any time there is a danger of life. The child was born, Mike suffering, he just want to be able to get past the child, fortunately in the doctor’s rescue, the small life successfully survived. The child’s safe gave him great power, he quit drugs, no alcohol, no longer have contact with evil associates. Because Mike didn’t want anyone to tell his kids that your dad was a ghost. Under the care of his father, the children grow up healthy and become a little boy. But after three months of premature birth, the child’s health has become the most concerned about Mike. Teaching is the best education, in order to take their children to exercise, he also started fitness. As time went by, the boy grew up, and he had been unconscious for 7 years. When I saw his latest photo, I was amazed! Can you believe that this is a person? (source: Fitness bar network WeChat public number)相关的主题文章: