Hebei, the doctor burst into the critical moment he signed on behalf of the family surgery

The doctor Hebei handsome critical moment he families to sign surgery Hebei medical university hospitals two cardiovascular department chief physician Zhi An Jiang

recently, one is "a middle-aged man was rescued after acute myocardial infarction but refused to pay medical expenses on the news on the Internet caused a strong impact on public opinion. A middle-aged man in the street a myocardial infarction, 120 were sent to the Hebei Medical University Hospital, after a medical emergency treatment eventually get rid of danger. After several twists and turns or unable to contact the families of patients under the condition of the hospital, two cardiovascular department chief physician Jiang Zhian in obtaining approval after the generation of patients signed, and the first time for treatment, to save the lives of patients. To this end, the reporter conducted an exclusive interview on the heart patients, life-saving love doctor, understand the whole process that happens.

, according to Jiang Zhian recalled, at about 11 p.m. on December 20th, is ready to sleep, he received a telephone call from the hospital, said an acute myocardial infarction patients in urgent need of treatment, so he rushed to the emergency room. After careful deployment, the first time we implanted a heart stent for the patient, so that he was blocked in the heart of the blood vessel was also opened in the first time, otherwise it may not be saved later."

is different from other patients, the patient was sent after 120 and did not accompany the family, even if there is no need to sign the surgery when the family. According to the common sense, in this case it is difficult to continue treatment. The patient’s condition is very critical, Jiang Zhian after obtaining the approval of the hospital’s total class, signed by him for the patient, and the first time for the implantation of a heart stent. In such a critical moment, I can only sign for him, and the fastest time for his operation. In medicine, time is the heart, time is life."

in the medical expenses, since the patient had just arrived in the emergency department from the card turned over three thousand yuan, and then no fee. It is understood that from the angiogram implanted cardiac stents, infusion therapy and nursing to later, and then to the final discharge, the patient was in hospital several thousand dollars for medical expenses. According to Jiang Zhian introduction, in principle, if the patient did not pay medical expenses on time, then the cost of the operation will eventually be signed by the operator to bear, and he was the person who signed it. "Someone asked me, you saved his life, but also to bear such a big risk to him, the final medical expenses may also have you out, you regret it? I said, if I saved him and let me help him to bear a few million medical expenses, I will regret it for a while, but if I do not save him not to help him sign, and led to his loss of life, I will regret it for life." Jiang Zhian sincere words and earnest wishes to say.

Hebei Medical University Hospital two cardiovascular department chief physician Jiang Zhian.

is the thirtieth year of Jiang Zhian’s medical career. More than 10 thousand days and nights, Jiang Zhian has been treated countless patients, but the vast majority of them can not remember each other’s name and appearance, which also occurred in many of the memorable and moving story.