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Hilary: IS means exhaustive push Trump to the presidency of the original title: Hilary IS: soldiers pray for Allah to the United States to Trump local 7, U.S. presidential candidate Hilary in an interview with the media said that the Islamic state is in full support of President Pudang trone. According to CNN news, Israel TV two local time 8 broadcast this interview. Hilary cited a former leader of the U.S. Counterterrorism Center in the times magazine article, "why ISIS support Trump". Matt · (Matt Olsen) wrote in the text, it is clear that ISIS is also closely watching the election in the United States, and has stood on the edge of the." He showed some public information, including a statement from the ISIS spokesman in August, "I pray Allah to give the United States to Trump." According to the observer network previously reported, at the end of August, the United States "foreign affairs" magazine conducted decryption analysis of members of the Islamic state dialogue in the instant messaging software Telegram, and interviewed 12 current and former members of the extremist organization that strongly supports the election of President Trump. A member of the Islamic state, said: I pray Allah to the United States to Trump." The other went on to say, "in any case, to assist Trump in the White House must be a priority for the jihadists." More than and 10 days later, IS members officially turned Hilary God assists". 8, a press conference, Hilary repeated this point of view, said ISIS hope that the election of Trump, so that ‘Jihad’ power is more adequate." Hilary said, "in order to support the election of Trump, ISIS can be said to have exhausted the means." She went on to say that Trump "offended Muslims, offended the families of the martyrs, and even said that Muslims are not welcome to the United States", if elected, will be a gift to ISIS". In the past campaign, Hilary has only said that ISIS uses the words of Trump to recruit new people, but never so naked". Compared with Hilary’s reflex arc, a month ago, ISIS has become a magic weapon for Trump". According to the observer network previously reported that in August 12th, Trump publicly criticized, Obama founded ISIS, also can not get rid of the relationship between the. At that time, Trump is experiencing a difficult two weeks, not only attacking Muslim families of martyrs, in many polls behind Hilary, also by 50 Republicans have enemies in front and rear, joint public opposition. However, the sun always after the storm. According to the CNN and polling agency ORC9 on 6 May announced a joint poll, Trump’s support has picked up, and the second, but also ahead of Hilary by 2 percentage points. The survey also showed that the support of two people in their respective parties were basically flat, Hilary was 92%, Trump was $90%. But more white, male, college degree education degree is lower than for Trump; women (especially unmarried women) and non white voters, young people with college degree or above, more voters support Hilary. For Hilary’s attack, Trump’s spokesman, (Jason Miller).相关的主题文章: