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HOT TOYS& nbsp; the most popular film & #8729; video game character [August 26, 2016] – strong rally Guangzhou the world’s top brand Hot (Toys) collection of dolls will again China, general agent in the eleven golden week Yongfa toy exhibition held a large high-end collection of dolls, shocked once a year in Southern China area of Guangzhou international cartoon animation event China Animation Festival game show (CICF EXPO). The exhibition is scheduled for September 30th this year -10 month 5 days in Guangzhou Pazhou poly World Trade Expo held (September 30th for professional audience visit). The exhibition Hot Toys also for the Southern China area audience carefully prepared a rich and luxurious collection of dolls exhibition, two exhibition will cover star wars and marvel, simulacra, high skilled 1:6 will show you the collection of dolls from many works of the same field series, there will be more exciting than group the movie scenes exhibit. The theme of clear-cut, and the integration of design, film strong visual effect of attention throughout the city, is an annual event, the focus of the venue! First introduced five is a comprehensive Hot Toys 1:6 wave of panic buying the first proportion of collection of dolls, and is about to open the online pre purchase! Let the annual anime game show tension more exciting hot. Five 1:6 the proportion of venue starting lineup of strong collection of dolls is rare in recent years, the city will become a doll collector chase target! Including: Marvel "the Avengers" iron man Mark VII 1:6 ratio (polar Edition) this new collection of dolls iron man design concept from last year Mark VII (New 1:6 stealth version) attention proportion of collection of dolls, not only the White main color set a dark outfit echoed latent style. A combination of strong visual contrast, Hot Toys to perform more tasks for polar armor creation on, with meticulous and highly skilled technology has unique design, to set the fog white armor, using multi-layer coating technology and pearl color painting meticulous treatment. In the light of different angles of refraction, but also make the contour lines of each armor appears more hierarchical. The doll body is about 30 cm high, with up to 30 points of articulation, retains high mobility always iron man, can be placed in different operational posture, with luminous eyes, chest height reduction reactor and the palm of the hand, iron man armor polar shape, perfect presentation of his signature moves. In addition, the details of setting Hot Toys team as a full mind, like carbon fiber decorated dumb gray mask, arms and legs, highlighting the armored missile equipment valve lightweight, and double shoulder armor on the Project in Sub-Zero pattern, makes this unique and highly original conceptual model of iron man, sporadic a fascinating breathtaking arrogance, distinct from the common perception of red color can be described as iron man. Accessories, except the usual with Mark VII essential shoulder bullet gun, arms missile device, gunner special support.相关的主题文章: