How Businesses Can Help Global Poverty-marie digby

News-and-Society The truth is that corporations have more power than many politicians. This might be for good or for ill, but with power .es responsibility. Corporate social responsibility can do a lot to change the world and make things better. In the past and even in modern day world, some businesses do things as cheaply as possible even if it means exploiting some people’s weaknesses. It doesnt have to be this way and many businesses are starting to see that being more charitable and giving back to their .munities and the environment is actually helping their business improve. This is because the consumer and many small business owners are looking to connect with businesses that are socially minded. Large corporations are a huge resource for improving humanity all over the world. The truth is that two-third of the worlds population lives on less than a pound a day. If the top 10,000 .panies in the world .mitted to giving just one percent of their profits towards helping with global poverty this would provide well over 50 billion pounds per year. This could happen without any governments getting involved. This help could go right to the people who really need it. One example where government is getting in the way is Nigeria. Although by global standards Nigeria is financially struggling, in .parison to other African nations the country is very successful with over a 400 billion GDP. But even with the government success forty-three percent of the countries people try and survive with less than one pound a day. Millions of people from this country are going to bed hungry. Millions of people from this country are not getting adequate medical care. This is because the money is not getting to the people who really need it. A way to shift corporate thinking about giving to help .bat global poverty is to look at the people they are helping as potential clients. If someone receives help and that help .es from the name of your business they are going to remember that. When that person gets on their feet they are going to be one of the most loyal customers your business has ever seen. Although this is not one of the more altruistic reasons for getting involved with ending poverty, it is one of the more motivating factors for many businesses looking to make changes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: