How to find high value and high growth space in the mobile Internet Era face gossip

How the mobile Internet era of business for high value and high growth space in the start-up stage, the company is All In (all), find the high value of high growth space is more urgent, once the strategic errors, the company will not survive. The mobile Internet era, how to become a "Ever-victorious general"? We think there are two conditions to create win: strategic direction: whether the enterprise continues to find high profit, high growth space? This is often said, find the air, pigs can fly". Organizational capability: does your team perform strategies more effectively than competitors? This can be understood as "a long flight, must have strong wings". Mobile Internet era of enterprises also have to follow the continued success = strategic × organizational capacity equation, the two is the multiplication of the relationship, rather than the addition of the relationship, which means that the two are indispensable. Changes in the driving environment in a changing environment are divided into Changes (Incremental Changes) and structural changes (Radical). The former environmental structure is stable, only the number of changes, such as China Unicom’s price impact on China Mobile are predictable and controlled. The latter is the nature of the environment changes, such as WeChat’s impact on China Mobile is difficult to foresee and subversive. Mobile Internet technology is a structural change. In the environment of business change, CEO needs three minutes to consider the change of the external environment when making the strategy, and the other is to consider the existing resources superiority of the enterprise (such as technology, channel, customer, supplier, etc.) and organization ability in seven. But in the face of this structural change in the mobile Internet, the leader must focus on the development of the strategy of seven external environmental changes, always maintain a sense of crisis and open mind. Only in front of others to capture the changes in the clues, the company’s limited resources can continue to focus on high growth, high profit space. Nature three way to find high profit, high growth space, there is a small animal, grasshoppers, its living habits are characteristic of two legs it very long, in the upper half of his hind legs thick and hard muscle, stocked with a large amount of energy, good at walking very awkward. When the grasshopper getting ready to jump, 4 legs it will hold up the front half of the body, legs bent, and then suddenly stretched, stored energy released rapidly, put yourself into the air. This stunt. It can skip the equivalent length of 15~20 times the distance, and do not need to run! Such a leap forward, beating faster than most of the insects by running 10 times faster. Similarly, the resources and executives of the company’s energy is limited. Every successful move, need careful arrangement such as the action, in order to achieve other companies can not match the height. So, continue to look for high profit, high growth space careful action is what? We believe that from the new customers, new areas, new business three paths, trade-offs and phased consideration, set the strategic priorities. Usually, in the case of the domestic market is large enough (such as China), starting from the growth and expansion of new customers, and then in the New Area相关的主题文章: