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Hunan province safety committee: to protect the national holiday Safety – Hunan Channel – to do safety work during the national day, and strive to create a good environment of security and stability, the office of the State Council issued the "notice on earnestly National Day between the date of production safety work" (the Safety Committee Office of Ming Dynasty electric 2016 No. 11). Today, the Hunan provincial security committee to the city of Hunan, the state, county and City Safety Committee and the Hunan provincial security committee member units forwarded this notice, and made the relevant requirements. Hunan Security Commission requirements: first, we must strengthen leadership, responsibility. In order to effectively prevent and resolutely curb all kinds of accidents especially Qunsiqunshang accident, firmly hold the red line and the bottom line of production safety. The responsibility is not implemented, ineffective work, leaking out of control and security incidents, according to the law should be severely accountable. 24 hours on duty with the class implement the leadership responsibility system, to ensure effective disposal of possible accidents and dangerous situations. Two is to focus on the overall management and control. Traffic and transportation, railway, civil aviation, tourism, public security, traffic police, fire, safety supervision and other departments at all levels responsible for safety supervision responsibilities to dispatch power, pressure on the line, dedication, work safety supervision, strengthen key areas, key parts, key links, key time tube, to protect the safety of holiday. The three is to fight rule violation, strict law enforcement. According to characteristics of all kinds of illegal production safety violations holiday easy rebound, highlighting the road and water transportation, scenic spots, crowded places and other key industries, strengthen joint law enforcement, to suspend production for rectification, the maximum punishment, strict accountability, closing down on all four measures, the full implementation of major illegal violations filing supervision and the "black list" of a case of double check (in pursue corporate responsibility and responsible person shall be held at the same time, the county and township government and responsible persons) system, crack down on illegal violations, and effectively correct the illegal behavior. (reporter Zhang Guiqi) (Lu Luo Shuai, commissioning editor: Zeng)相关的主题文章: