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The Hunter Valley, chasing the pace of the kangaroo Click to watch videos I shot "Hunter chases a kangaroo pace" and the Australian state of New South Wales have heard that the best Wine produced in the Hunter Valley (Hunter Valley), but always thought that the Hunter Valley is a valley, thought there are many wolves, to know that this is a rich the valley here had no hunter, when Hunter (Hunter) found this place, so it is called Hunter Valley, strictly speaking because called Hunter Valley, now the Hunter Valley only beautiful natural scenery, floating in the air and the scent of ordinary, bouncing kangaroo. Hunter Valley is not far away, from Sydney to drive more than two hours to be able to arrive, if you want to taste the wine, do not want to drive, directly from the bus ride in Sydney in the past just fine. Sydney Central Station 7:30 Coaches bus every morning to go to the Hunter Valley, there are a lot of one-day tour and two day tour of the group. Take the train, you can sit at the central train station NSW Train Link, about three hours, to the Maitland station or Singleton station, or from the central train station to sit down to the Newcastle station, take the bus to Cessnock. The Hunter Valley is the most fun leisure oriented, is shot while walking to drink, but if you have to say a few play of the project, generally divided into five parts, 1, park flowers animal, 2, 3, Chateau wine tasting, see kangaroos, 4 balloons, watch the sunrise, 5, golf resort. First, said first park, the Hunter Valley Park is the main Hunter Valley Park, by the way can also go to the Australian reptile park. Australian Reptile Park (Australian Reptile Park) in New South Wales coast, about 50 kilometers from Sydney, a crocodile, koalas, wallabies, cassowaries and Australia wild dogs and other 200 kinds of animal, more than and 800. The Hunter Valley Park (Hunter Valley Gardens), the main flowers, although not too many exotic flowers and rare herbs, many varieties for common flower garden, but a good environment, sufficient time, slowly around, divided into different garden, but mainly to see what the season, when flying golden season, flowers not very bright. The second, and wine tasting wine, hunters Valley hunters, the vast majority are to buy wine tasting. The Hunter Valley is the largest in Australia and Wine areas, because here is located in the valley, rich in grapes, so wine is very developed. Many wineries offer free wine tasting and a restaurant where you can eat and drink at the edge of the vineyard. Of course, here to eat and drink to the charges, the price per person is about 300 – 800 yuan, because if the price will be expensive and Wine, otherwise easy to eat a meal to drink ordinary Wine, the price will be high. We went to several wineries are ben.相关的主题文章: