In a review of a 2-0 – 1-0 the Yellow Sea and 4-0 Guizhou zall Sheng sports Sohu-sunny came home

In a review of a 2-0 – 1-0 the Yellow Sea 4-0 and Guizhou zall Sheng Sohu sports 1-0 the Yellow Sea Johnson who embraced Ferrara Thatcher to celebrate the Beijing time on September 24th, 2016 in the League twenty-eighth round contest. Night in Inner Mongolia and beyond the 4-0 victory over Dalian. The match in the afternoon, Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng and Qingdao the Yellow Sea are lost to rivals, which also led to Chongchao road frustrated, the people of Beijing and still has a theoretical possibility of Chongchao, Zhejiang Yi Teng with a 2-1 win over Shanghai Shen xin. Inner Mongolia and 4-0 Dalian and beyond home court victory beyond, get the key points of three echelon road. Excellent 10 wins, 5 draws and 13 negative product of 35 points, more than 10 wins, 6 draws and 11 negative product of 36 points. Twenty-ninth minutes milijas to seize the opportunity to break the deadlock, thirty-fifth minutes from the right transport dolly threat in front of the door, outflanking Senghor shakes Leipzig succeeded, and to expand the score 2-0. Seventy-first minutes Senghor break, excellent in 3-0 lead. Seventy-fifth minutes to complete the hat trick, help in the best score will be locked to 4-0. Dalian 2-0 Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng party home court to beat 2-0 Hengfeng Zhicheng, also make Hengfeng Zhicheng Chongchao road frustrated. A party of 14 wins 3 flat 11 negative 45 points, Hengfeng Zhicheng 16 wins 5 flat 7 negative 53 points. Eighteenth minutes left Dong Yanfeng to get the ball, after the restricted area before the lateral dribbling shot, the ball was blasted into the opponents goal corner, a party to break the deadlock 1-0 lead. Ninetieth minutes a front form 2 hit 1 chance, Mu Xiekui in the penalty area low shot, a 2-0 win. Wuhan zall 1-0 Qingdao the Yellow Sea zall 1-0 Lectra the Yellow Sea avoid relegation success, also make the Yellow Sea Chongchao road frustrated. Zall 10 wins 7 flat 11 negative product 37 points, the Yellow Sea 17 wins 2 flat 9 negative 53 points. Forty-ninth minutes of drow Games kick, Barrantes will kick the ball into the box, after the Xu Yougang volley was goalkeeper, Johnson to keep up with the explosion shot to break the deadlock, Thatcher won 1-0. Shanghai Shen Xin 1-2 Zhejiang Yi Teng Yi Teng road 2-1 Li Shen Xin, declare the relegation success. Shen Xin 11 wins, 3 draws and 14 negative product of 36 points, Yi Teng wins 5 flat 12 negative product of 38 points. Twelfth minutes, Rodrigo straight out two players, then shot on the opponent goal, Yi Teng 1-0 lead to break the deadlock. Nineteenth minutes Daniel was dismissed, it also makes Shen Xin 10 men only one disaster after another. Shen Xin thirty-third minutes before the game free kick, kick the ball into the box, Zhang Wentao grabbed the ball shakes Leipzig succeeded, Shen Xin will score up into 1-1. Seventy-second minutes, Lee continuous defenders to find opportunities, then shot, Yi Teng lead again to 2-1. Seventy-ninth minutes Wang Dalong red as well, which also makes both the remaining 10 men.相关的主题文章: