In a small coup for persimmon, persimmon becomes honey! – Sohu to eat and drink-restorator

In a small coup for persimmon, persimmon becomes honey! – Sohu eat and drink as the saying goes, "the old lady to eat persimmons, specially soft pinch". To a certain extent in the persimmon fruit becomes thick juice, eat only when the persimmon peel open a mouth, mouth to suck to eat. Just off the hard and astringent persimmon is not directly eat, their approach is "in", namely the persimmon with wine or water to soak good astringent persimmon, soft, sweet. The sparkling, golden color, a sweet honey. With lime water, hot water, food, liquor and other methods are generally in rural areas in the prescription of persimmon. I think the side yard or in the liquor persimmon is the most simple and fast, but also in the persimmon with sweet light wine. [ingredients]: persimmon, a high degree of liquor, sealed bag 1, wash dry persimmon moisture. 2 small bowl, pour into the liquor, the liquor with a few persimmon roll. 3, so that the surface of the persimmon dipped in liquor. 4, in turn, all the persimmon dipped in wine, the wine into the persimmon into the sealed bag or clean container seal. Placed in a warm place, a few days after the persimmon can be eaten. With the liquor in the pulp soft persimmon, sweet taste, with a touch of wine. But there are also some delicious persimmon matters note: 1, fasting can not eat persimmon; persimmon contains more tannin and pectin, fasting food will form a lump under the influence of acid. 2, don’t and persimmon crab, fish and shrimp to eat seafood with high protein; crab, fish and shrimp contain, in effect under the persimmon tannic acid easily solidified into stomach persimmon stone.   相关的主题文章: