In this era of unreliable, you dare to say forever

In this era of not fly, you dare to say that the public will always pay attention to the number of sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! This article from the WeChat public, "heart" in the original title: an era of rampant, with what you say always tattle and prate good Qiao, on the eve of the day, with the object of bestie broke up…… That day she asked me to go to the movie "genie". Waiting, she said to me, my favorite goddess Christy Chung finally married, married 12 years younger than their Zhang Lunshuo, although she divorced with a baby, has experienced many ups and downs, but finally airness, good people envy! Mr. Zhang formal & Mrs. Zhang bestie said, which like me so miserable, so many times to talk about love, but always not always regardless of personal danger, results, what to talk about a love never?! Yes, when we are in love, we always want to be able to share the rest of our lives with each other, but in the constant running in, only to find the firm had already gone to the back of the head. Do not give, then part company each going his own way. So how to do, in order to talk about a love? 1 first of all, to have empathy. More care is the feeling of a few days ago, the woods and find me crying, the girlfriend of his constraints: "I eat supper with a friend, will begin at ten, with half an hour for frequency are bombarded with calls urging me to go home. Usually call me from time to time, let me get a courier, and then let me go to the corner to buy a cup of coffee. Finally looking forward to the weekend, want to go out to see a movie, but also to her assigned to the housework I can go out……" I heard more than once: mother tube from the woods heave great sighs, and now have a girlfriend…… Then there are times with his girlfriend chatting, joking that the woods complained that her opinion is: "I do not insist that he helped me do a lot of things, my childhood parents are busy, often a person, and now I have him, I want to make sure he is someone I can rely on, just want to let him help I share, let me have more care about the feeling……" Love is like this, always because seemingly small things, the original Lennon Lennon I love you. For love, everything will be divided into three levels: 1, 2, 3, what love is the story behind the friends love, they don’t conflict with "who do housework" this little thing, so for them, it is not enough to solve emotional problems. A person that he is "under control", one that the other side is not considerate enough to care about their own. It has entered into the second "love" level, if this compromise boyfriend to help his girlfriend to do housework, so he felt discontent will be magnified, gradually accumulated into the future of the breaking point; and if his girlfriend compromise, accept her boyfriend not to help themselves to do housework behavior is defined as "not love me" then, his girlfriend will be more and more disappointed, love may also reduce. It would be a pity to end a relationship. But if you can see相关的主题文章: