India lucky good luck in life and death tomb tomb is amazing

India Mughal emperor Humayun (Humayong) has also been translated Humayun, is Asia’s most legendary emperor Babur of the Mughal Dynasty founder, Humayong is the meaning of "lucky". His father’s blessing, the character of the weak and indecisive king for 26 years, and at the age of 48 died in a bizarre accident.

was the ruler of Bihar Sarkhan Humayun was defeated after fleeing Iran, the Persian king by the army to restore him, there is only one condition: he converted to Islam Sophie sect. Therefore, the architectural style of Mausoleum of Humayun is also a typical combination of Islam and hinduism.


reset after less than a few months from the study on the stairs fell down dead, only 48 years old. In fact, like this has not been suffering from the long suffering of the sudden death is also a lucky. His wife, Queen Beckham Bos, presided over the construction of the mausoleum, which lasted 4 years.

India building reached reach the peak of perfection in the height of the Mughal Empire, which is located in India New Delhi southeast of Mausoleum of Humayun was built in India and Art beats nature., become the world architectural history of the boutique, 1993 by the United Nations World Heritage list. The name of Hu Mayong and the tomb forever, this should be the lucky after his death.

and the traditional Islamic tombs of dark and cold style, arched gate of Mausoleum of Humayun fine red sandstone and carved on the walls to give a person a kind of dignified, magnificent and dignified feeling, there are 4 gates around the tomb, pictured above is the most famous simon.

steps lead to the high 22 meters on both sides of the octagonal palace, the palace above each of the two domed octagonal pavilion, a typical Mughal style, is said to be the world’s most perfect building is modeled on the construction of Mausoleum of Humayun Taj Mahal.

tomb walls and arches are carved with a very fine version of the Koran and geometric figures.

stood on both sides of the tomb of Mughal emperor in 5. It is worth mentioning that Humayun’s 13 year old son Akbar throne after expand and consolidate its territory to become a grandfather, Mughal emperor of the great. Buried in the tomb of Humayun if you know all this, will add a lot of confidence to his own name.