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The interpretation of self living green Kerr company for your continued dream – Sohu entertainment on September 5, 2016 afternoon, the Inner Mongolia youth Kerr company will hold auditions actors recruited in Inner Mongolia College of Arts, as a new generation of Inner Mongolia youth theatre troupe, Kerr committed to the original drama, tour and other performances, and vigorously promote the socialist modern mainstream, for the local to promote the cause of literature and art. Mining and cultivation of contemporary drama talent Inner Mongolia youth Kerr company actors through the newspaper and other forms, has successfully created a group and a group with new ideas and professional skills of drama talents, contemporary art has the power to realize their dreams and dreams of youth. In order to promote company culture, enrich the spirit of drama, dissemination of artistic charm in the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Youth Theatre Kerr line on the occasion of the troupe invited the famous drama director Mr. Li Bonan, a professional artistic director of the famous performing artist Guo Donglin teacher and the Acting Department of the Beijing Film Academy professor Zhang Hua to visit the company. As one of the contemporary China drama the most creative productivity and brand value of the drama director, Mr. Li Bonan has created more than 50 theatre productions, after the performance of up to 10000 times, won several domestic and International Drama Awards, and held a personal exhibition in Beijing play Shanghai and other important city. Li Bonan’s works have a unique style in common, in between the initiative ", can be said to lead a generation of cultural winds in the world of contemporary art, its unique works of art has been adapted into novels, movies and TV series published broadcast, which contains a" step "and" shocking fable "crazy" killing time "" kiss "battle" ambiguous "and other excellent works. At the same time, has the rich experience of Mr. Li Bonan for the actor recruitment activities, screenplay editing, stage style, casting and acting on the green Kerr company has put forward specific communication guidance. In addition, the director Li Bonan believes that the young Kerr company’s first light comedy show season style with his own style of works extremely fit, and he hopes to play, in the artistic exchange and guidance force, young Kerr company smoothly and successfully opened the unique Inner Mongolia local drama market, fully mining art talent, radio drama fire. He himself placed high hopes on the event. Then, with the dream of art, but have no stage you, don’t worry, now young Kerr company has spent heavily to you to build a successful stage, allowing you to achieve self value of life! They always believe that "sparks of fire, fire", believe that every heart art dream, have dreams bloom moment! Now, what are you waiting to sign up to join them to the stage to show their own charm, let yourself shine!相关的主题文章: