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IPhone 7 was leaked? Is China expected to start? Sohu – tech media training camp Wen Wanghong reported in August 29th to August and September each year, apple partners to help out Apple leaks, and even did not determine the specific launch date today, micro-blog on the outflow of the China Telecom iPhone reservation page 7. According to @POPPUR released micro-blog information display, users only need to provide the true name and phone number can be booked in China Telecom. Zoom around text shows that iPhone 7 will have "waterproof upgrade", "cancel the headset interface, wireless charging, battery life longer and more" and "Bluetooth headset collocation" and "deep blue" and "32GB ROM", "double rear 1200W megapixel camera" features, and before the that is roughly the same. Users of micro-blog. From this point of view, iPhone 7 in appearance has not changed much, padded short board iPhone 6S, such as waterproof, battery life, body storage, dual cameras, cancel the 16GB version. However, before the advent of the conference, everything is just conjecture. Apple in China, the new trend of the first release of Apple’s new release, users are enthusiastic, look forward to the region as the starting camp. The apple, the decline in sales in China, as well as Apple’s current emphasis on the Chinese market, the mainland to enter the first camp increased weight. According to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech8 11 October morning report released this quarter, Apple’s share of China market was 17.9%, representing a decrease of 1.8%. Kantar strategic analysis director Tamsin Simpson? Tim (TamsinTimpson) said: "iOS’s market share declined, leading Apple behind HUAWEI’s 25.7% and millet 18.5%. Although iPhone6s and 6S Plus is still the best selling smartphone in the Chinese market, but from HUAWEI Mate8 and P9, red rice Note 3 and millet 5, as well as Oppo R7 competitive pressures are growing." Apple Corp official website announced on July 26th as of June 25th third quarter earnings for three consecutive months, the Apple Corp net profit of $7 billion 796 million. The Chinese market revenue of $8 billion 848 million, more than a quarter of $12 billion 486 million decreased by about 29%. Massive decline in Chinese market, apple caused attention, Apple should not give up this fertile soil for the mainland market in the first camp. Accessories or changes in the earlier release of the new MacBook notebook, apple began to gradually migrate to the USB-C interface. U.S. media reported that the upcoming debut of a new generation of MacBook Pro and Air, will use the USB-C interface, which is a huge change for ordinary consumers. IPhone, apple wants.相关的主题文章: